Great and Mighty Things

My mama taught me that I shouldn’t tell any person every thing about me – that I should always keep something hidden for just me. My relationship with my Lloyd is so close that I’m sure that I have not kept that teaching very well! (SMILE) But I take great comfort in knowing that there are some things about my life that only God and I know.

Back in 2004, when I first moved to Ghana, there were many who said to me “Wow! You get to live in Africa!” – of course they had no idea about issues with electricity, issues with running water, snakes, scorpions, demonic attacks, and certainly no idea that I wasn’t going to receive a salary. There were others who, when they heard I was moving to Ghana, said “O no! God is going to make you move there!” – of course they had no idea of the JOY I received everyday knowing I was doing just what God wanted me to do; no idea that I was having the privilege of being used to teach/disciple/model Christ’s life so that people came to faith in Christ; no idea that my family’s life would be so enriched by giving ourselves away.

When I heard God’s voice, I knew that He had plans for me before eternity began and that I could be secure in my obedience to Him. Oh Great Joy!! I knew that He was going to keep my family in His care and I knew that He was going to use us in His plan to reconcile the world to himself. Oh Great Joy!! Today, in our current work, I have no doubt at all that what He has worked out for us – He will do, we only have to be available and willing tools! OH GREAT JOY!!

God is trying to speak to you today – He is asking you to do something or showing you some glimpse of your future.  Whatever God has placed before you, you can be sure of two things: He will bring it to pass AND It is meant for you. I challenge you to take time to quiet yourself and LISTEN to God’s voice. When my boys were small, my quiet place was my car. I’d get in that car, cut the music off and just drive around in silence and let the Lord talk to me.  My call to missions was confirmed in my car! Oh Great Joy!!

LISTEN to Him and you will find that he will tell you hidden things about your life that will not be easily understood by other people, things that God will confirm and sanction.

God knows you and He is aware of every detail of your life. Whatever He has for you to do – He will accomplish it through you. All that you have to do is yield and submit; trust and obey. Listen to Him – and you won’t ever have to make another New Year’s resolution – because your resolve each day will be to live out God’s revealed plan for only you! Enjoy the freedom to walk in God’s purpose for you – even if it something you could never have imagined!

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  1. “…your resolve each day will be to live out God’s revealed plan for only you!” Enjoying the freedom walk! Love, JOY


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