From the Denver Seminary Advent Devotional. Words by Dr. Vernon Grounds (1960)

Mark 13:28-37

One night in late August I sat with a friend high on a plateau overlooking Colorado Springs. Far beneath us twinkled the lights of the city, above the stars were shining, and to the west reared the huge bulk of Cheyenne Mountain. A group of young people were clustered around a campfire singing some of the plaintive spirituals and ballads of the Southland.

My friend and I, a short distance removed from them, talked together seriously about many things. He is a mature, perceptive, and forceful Christian, who spent a year in Europe and saw what communism has done and is doing in East Germany. Not long ago he participated in a Moral Leadership Workshop sponsored by our Navy Department, an opportunity not only to witness but also to observe the bewilderment of outstanding leaders in the face of mounting national decay. Moving continually among evangelical churches of many denominations, he observes firsthand the dear th of spirituality and power, to say nothing of the appalling prevalence of materialism and worldliness.

While we were talking together, someone shouted and pointed overhead. I looked up and caught my first sight of Echo, a man-made satellite, as it traveled across the sky, the symbol of a new age, the era of space exploration with all its potentialities of achievement and horror. I confess to you that I rose to my feet and stood there in silence, staring at that amazing projectile as it slowly vanished out of sight. And I thought some long and deep and unutterable thoughts. What burned itself into my mind, however, as I stood there that night was the world’s need for the gospel of Jesus Christ. In a day when communism menaces our freedom, when on every hand we witness degeneration, when evangelicalism is splintered, decadent, and faltering, and when mankind is making enormous technological strides that may carry us into the abyss, we must proclaim the gospel with renewed urgency and unction.

That is why continually I ask God to bless our alumni as all around the globe they are preaching Jesus Christ. And that is why I trust you will offer up supplication for us here as we seek to train students to do the very job which you are now so faithfully doing.

 -VCG, 1960

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