Obedience – Blessing

God has said that we are chosen.

We know that we, through our acceptance of Christ, have been justified, but today there is much preoccupation with how blessed our lives ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. We seem to have missed that we are His prized possession — slaves, servants, subordinates.

He chooses to bless us – but we are commanded to obey every Word that He has spoken. There are blessings that come from being obedient, however, we do not have the authority to decide what those blessing should be or in what abundance we should have them. We are His reward and His possession. His pleasure with us is the ultimate reward as demonstrated in His giving Christ up for us!

It is for us to obey.

It is for God to bless.

Father, Help us to understand what it means to be dearly loved by You. Help us to understand that we are not equals with You – nor do we have any right to the riches and wealth of this world, other than as You see fit. Help us to be satisfied with Your blessings in whatever form it may come. Give us the mind of Christ so that we may understand!

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