By Faith

In order to embrace a God-given future, we must trust and not waiver in our belief - despite what we see or experience. We live in an age where we want promises fullfilled now. No waiting; no delays -- we want what's coming to us NOW --- just like the prodigal son. However, we must … Continue reading By Faith

Obedience – Blessing

God has said that we are chosen. We know that we, through our acceptance of Christ, have been justified, but today there is much preoccupation with how blessed our lives ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. We seem to have missed that we are His prized possession --- slaves, servants, subordinates. He chooses to bless us - … Continue reading Obedience – Blessing

Life Happens

This life on this earth is temporal! Don't lose sight of that! Our home is in heaven - a place where all will be well! As for the "momentary light afflictions" you WILL face down here -- count it as joy AND count it as an opportunity for you to be His glory in this fallen world.

Do We Know Who We Represent?

As we journey or sojourn in the earth wearing the label "Christ follower" and declaring that we are filled with the Holy Spirit, what testimony are we leaving behind? Do people fear God's wrath because they understand the wages of sin? ... OR because we have led them to believe our God slays because He … Continue reading Do We Know Who We Represent?

Grown Man, but Baby Boy :-)

I just can hardly get used to you, my baby, being a truly grown man. You've made this mama smile from day one - even when you got old enough to get on my last nerve ... you made this heart sing praises and thanksgiving to The Almighty God. I am loving watching you discover … Continue reading Grown Man, but Baby Boy 🙂