It’s Not Your Kingdom!

I think of Billy Graham often … how many people did he share the gospel with and invite to know Jesus? His ministry was remarkable! I think about T. D. Jakes … how large is his global ministry? Amazing! I think of Joyce Meyer … how wise was she using her past to make people know that all are valued by God? Awesome. I think of William Carey … how many translations in India did he do for the sake of the gospel? Phenomenal! Isn’t it interesting that you’ve never heard that one of them aimed to tear down the ministry of a person that was coming behind them.

Then I think of others …. I can’t call their names … but

  • There is one who pastored a large growing Bible teaching church and when a ministry son was called to plant a church and that church started to grow, the support dropped tremendously and the aim for destruction rose up. Appalling!
  • There is another I know about whose church was huge – and he flooded a city with his face and his church name, ensuring that ministers being mentored by him would not ‘rise above him’. Disgusting!
  • I know another who spoke with great pride about ministers being built up through his ministry, but did not support their work in fear that they’d overtake him. Horrible!

Each one of these people wanted their ‘kingdom’ to remain theirs. Each one of them wanted no one to be given any attention but them. No “kingdom” can come into our hands – for there is only ONE KING. There is only ONE King!!! Interestingly, not one of these people has done remarkably well in bringing the lost to Christ or moving believers to true lives of faith with works.

Well …. I just don’t have much to say – but doing evil to destroy the victor won’t bring victory. The work of the one who is seen as amazing, yet under your lead, should make you rejoice to God – not bring them down.Keep your pride to a minimum. Keep your glory to God in the high place. Don’t let the enemy have your mind!

Those who serve God will have victory and success – and all who serve with them should rejoice!

Help Us Lord!