Happy Birthday LSC!

OK - I know y'all are all saying - 'here she goes again!'. But all I can say is, this dude is my beau; my darling; my one and only; well, just MINE!! I'm grateful for Lloyd's life. In the words of Barbara Johnson Tucker and her family, "I have so many things to thank … Continue reading Happy Birthday LSC!

Only in Truth and Love

We can be tempted to live in our Christian lives on the edge of the truth. Well, I should say that it seems that today, the Body of Christ is in some ways living on the edge of the truth because of the struggle of including and attracting more people. Now don't get me wrong … Continue reading Only in Truth and Love

It’s Not Your Kingdom!

I think of Billy Graham often ... how many people did he share the gospel with and invite to know Jesus? His ministry was remarkable! I think about T. D. Jakes ... how large is his global ministry? Amazing! I think of Joyce Meyer ... how wise was she using her past to make people … Continue reading It’s Not Your Kingdom!

Taking Defensive Action

Be an asset in the world and not a liability. You are an overcomer by the power of the Holy Spirit. His Word Is Our Truth!

Who belongs?

When we proclaim God's truth concerning salvation, it should be with the hope that people will be drawn in - desiring to know this truth. It is not for us to decide who hears - only that we proclaim. Our attitude toward the lost, those who do not believe in Jesus, must be that we … Continue reading Who belongs?