Look … it’s in there

There are times when I've experienced people who clearly do not know, believe, or serve God. My desire for them to be better messes with my mind! Do I want to walk with them to a right path? Do I want to destroy them? Do I want to separate myself from them? Makes me wonder … Continue reading Look … it’s in there

It’s Mama’s Birthday …

She would have been 93 years old today. Her life was full and beautiful. God brought her through every trial and illness. God gifted her marriage to my father with His love and peace. God gifted her with girls who loved her even when not on one accord; and who loved God deeply. One thing … Continue reading It’s Mama’s Birthday …

Kingdom Steadfast Boldness

I was watching one of the awards shows and it amazed me to hear a few of them who have said that they are believers in Christ say that the glory belongs to God. Well, I could start off saying that they were dressed half naked and using profanity at the same time ... but … Continue reading Kingdom Steadfast Boldness

Avoiding Reproach – Nearing Self Righteousness

His word and commandments and expectations are clear - but knowing we are out of compliance causes us to question - in the name of clarification. When is a fetus a person? Is there a difference between kill & murder? If I accidentally pick up the pen from someone's desk and later discover it, is … Continue reading Avoiding Reproach – Nearing Self Righteousness