Fear — for acceptance

We see outwardly. We judge who we believe is worthy. But, God ….

God has said that among all peoples – He will accept those who reverence and worship Him. He will accept those who are trusting Him with worshipful obedience and living upright. Those who reverence, worship, trust, obey, live righteous lives – these are acceptable and will be received by Him.

Fear of Him (Reverential Worship & True Obedience) … Is What Brings Acceptance

Those who have a reverential fear of The Lord are the ones will try always to live right. Those who are humble under His hand – who submit to what He says we should – these people are accepted into God’s kingdom.

I am praying that He will help His own children to have worshipful obedient hearts. That He will let us never take for granted our standing with Him. Though we have accepted Christ, we ought to always obey His Word and give Him worthy worship!

Be careful! You cannot – we cannot – pronounce for ourselves who is worthy … only He can do that …

Well … masa mana no. (That’s all I have to say)