Blessed … when your delight is in Him

Recently, I was speaking with a dear friend about decisions they were facing. I’m not much of a “you better do this” kind of woman, but I seek the Lord for people as they come to me and share with them whatever He says. So … my word to them was that they need to delight in Him because the desires of the heart will come.

Isn’t that a beautiful promise from Him? Well it is a beautiful promise when we understand what it really is. When we look for happiness, joy and peace in Him.

My friend asked what they should do and my response to them was to be sure that whatever they did only what God wanted them to do. When they told me what they wanted to happen, I told them to make sure that what they desired was what God wanted them to have. They asked what that mean, my answer – if you delight in Him he will put in your heart what you are supposed to desire and then give you the desires of your heart. Their big questions were: how do we delight in Him AND does this mean that we will get whatever we want. Well, just think about it … is your heart truly longing more for Him than for anything else?

True faith in Him means that following His ways brings you joy!

When you find contentment in Him, He places in your heart every desire you should have. When you find your greatest joy in His Word!! – Blessed is the man whose delight is in God!

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