Fear — for acceptance

We see outwardly. We judge who we believe is worthy. But, God ….

God has said that among all peoples – He will accept those who reverence and worship Him. He will accept those who are trusting Him with worshipful obedience and living upright. Those who reverence, worship, trust, obey, live righteous lives – these are acceptable and will be received by Him.

Fear of Him (Reverential Worship & True Obedience) … Is What Brings Acceptance

Those who have a reverential fear of The Lord are the ones will try always to live right. Those who are humble under His hand – who submit to what He says we should – these people are accepted into God’s kingdom.

I am praying that He will help His own children to have worshipful obedient hearts. That He will let us never take for granted our standing with Him. Though we have accepted Christ, we ought to always obey His Word and give Him worthy worship!

Be careful! You cannot – we cannot – pronounce for ourselves who is worthy … only He can do that …

Well … masa mana no. (That’s all I have to say)

Ignoring Counterfeits – Knowing Truth

Then they will call on me, but I will not answer; They will seek me diligently, but they will not find me, Because they hated knowledge And did not choose the fear of the Lord. (Proverbs 1: 28, 29)

It occurs to me as I read those words that wisdom does not hide herself, even we if have disdained her. But, once disdained, she is hard to find. When we choose foolishness, we will find ruin — and it will make it harder for us to know wisdom when. she’s standing right in front of us! We need to seek His truths and His wisdom in the method of federal counterfeit agents – they study ONLY the real thing so that they will know a fake when they see it. They never study the fake because that would put incorrect things in their minds – and their eyes.

Knowing His truths bring correction. Sometimes, rather than His truths, we want our desires … not delighting in Him and receiving within our hearts the desires we should have.

Choosing absurdity, idiocy and indiscretion makes these things familiar — and makes us liable to choose it again and again. Unless we walk away from it, we can make it impossible to ever be wise again.

Father, You have promised in Your Word that You would give wisdom freely if we ask for it. So, I ask that You will teach me Your ways, and move me to study and know Your ways, so that I will not mis-step. Father, help me to fight the attraction to study other philosophies, writers, leaders — so that I might not be lulled into a false sense of righteousness. If I know Your ways, then I’ll know You – and if I know You … I AM COMPLETE.

Blessed … when your delight is in Him

Recently, I was speaking with a dear friend about decisions they were facing. I’m not much of a “you better do this” kind of woman, but I seek the Lord for people as they come to me and share with them whatever He says. So … my word to them was that they need to delight in Him because the desires of the heart will come.

Isn’t that a beautiful promise from Him? Well it is a beautiful promise when we understand what it really is. When we look for happiness, joy and peace in Him.

My friend asked what they should do and my response to them was to be sure that whatever they did only what God wanted them to do. When they told me what they wanted to happen, I told them to make sure that what they desired was what God wanted them to have. They asked what that mean, my answer – if you delight in Him he will put in your heart what you are supposed to desire and then give you the desires of your heart. Their big questions were: how do we delight in Him AND does this mean that we will get whatever we want. Well, just think about it … is your heart truly longing more for Him than for anything else?

True faith in Him means that following His ways brings you joy!

When you find contentment in Him, He places in your heart every desire you should have. When you find your greatest joy in His Word!! – Blessed is the man whose delight is in God!

Vengeance ain’t mine!

In ministry life, there are times when we witness the prosperity or success of people who call themselves by His name, but truly act in ways that disobey His Word. I admit that in my own heart, I sometimes develop within me a desire to ‘bring them down to size‘. For those of us in ministry, se forget that just as we say that some people don’t know the devil is using them – the same applies to the fact that some people don’t know that God is using them and many don’t see God’s hand upon them or His guidance of their actions and even their words.

In God’s Word, the Assyrians destroy many and they believe that it is their will and power; not knowing that God was using them to do his bidding — and in the end the Assyrians too are destroyed.

As believers, we’ve got to learn daily to rely upon, and trust in, the truth that vengeance belongs to the Lord. Yes! He will pay! Y’all we need to be careful to remind ourselves that He sees the deeds of the wicked and has the plan AND the power to bring them down low.

My prayer for us is that as we seem to continually find ourselves int eh sights of the wicked in the midst of committed ministry work, we will thank Him for the reminder that He sees the wicked and will repay for all disobedience to His Word. The disobedience to His word will be punished by Him. I truly do pay that He will have mercy upon them! His peace is upon my heart and in my mind. I am praying for His help to rest in the truth of his recompense and in the shadow of His wings.

God can use the godless to destroy the godless; and thinking that they operate by their own power – they will do it whole heartedly.