Turned Toward Him

That He desires to meet our needs is not in question - but the erroneous teaching that He desires all of us to be materially wealthy is hurtful to the heart of God! The big issue about wanting good to be spoken over your life by a man of God or woman of God is … Continue reading Turned Toward Him

Setting the enemy straight!

“Resist the Devil and he will flee.” This excerpt from James 4 seems to say that our words have power. I never really thought about it much, but in recent days, with all of the clearly God-less things that are happening all around us; I began to ponder why we, the Church - the Body … Continue reading Setting the enemy straight!

Captured by Pride

Getting caught up in our victories, our achievements, our abilities - sets us up for capture by the enemy. Sometimes the snares and traps that we fall in to are our own doing! The enemy knows our tendency to love ourselves and when we ascribe glory to ourselves, he is smart enough to goad us … Continue reading Captured by Pride

I Am a Citizen of Heaven

It makes my heart heavy to see believers separated over the world's political stances. We, who are Christ followers, have only one King and Ruler. He's neither Democrat nor is He Republican; He is neither Caucasian nor Black; He is neither male nor female .... He is Holy, Righteous, Unchanging! He Is All! We have … Continue reading I Am a Citizen of Heaven

Whenever the Lord says, Peace! … There’ll be Peace!

Senseless killings.  Abusers of children.  Victims of trafficking - both human and sex.  Violence against people because of their ethnicity.  Violence against people because of their sexual orientation.  Hate poured out in the name of a gospel that is not the gospel of Christ.  Abuse of the elderly.  Domestic violence.  Rape of women in the … Continue reading Whenever the Lord says, Peace! … There’ll be Peace!