I. Feel. Black.

I. FEEL. BLACK.   I feel BLACKER than I've felt in a very long time. I'm conscious of how melanin affects my skin when I walk into a shop, when I see a law enforcement officer, when I'm pumping gasoline, etc.  I feel Black - and that's okay, because it is who my Creator decided … Continue reading I. Feel. Black.

Many are called …

So many churches are becoming mega churches. During the coronavirus some digital international churches have grown tremendously! Believers all over the world are praising Our Father for this. We are all filled with joy that many are coming to know Him. The question though is -- do many of them just come ... just because … Continue reading Many are called …

He Knows What Lies Beneath

When people are impressed with us - or when they see the "value" in something we are doing - we tend to bring them readily into our circle of supporters. Jesus, however, knowing all things -- took a different route -- one that should be taken note of. Instead of allowing the praise to go … Continue reading He Knows What Lies Beneath

Trouble … Don’t Last Always

Do you know/remember that song? Trouble Don't Last Always??That is one of my FAVORITES!! "Weeping may endure for a night. Keep the faith. It will be alright. Trouble don't last always!" There have been times in the midst of difficulty that this song reminded me quickly of God's truth to His children ... only He … Continue reading Trouble … Don’t Last Always

No Bible … No Breakfast

As I have been on this journey with my King, I am continually learning what it means to lay my will down for His. I have learned that laying down my will does not always mean that I am choosing not to sin (though that is a choice I make daily) -- but that I … Continue reading No Bible … No Breakfast