What is drawing us? What do we want?

Miracles, in the Bible, brought people’s hearts toward the Lord – the people became adherent to; to trust in; and, relied on the Savior.

Today, however, prosperity preachers and healing ministries are rampant… and are not leading people to want Him … just to want the miracles that His power can bring. So – it occurs to me that we, followers of Christ, should be concerned about what affect these ministries are having on the hearts of men. Are they, because of miraculous deeds, being drawn to trust in Jesus as Savior? or, are they drawn to want more of the same from Jesus as magician?

Those whom God uses to show the world the miraculous should treat it lightly. The miracles should be drawing people to desire God’s truth. A great picture of that is the woman at the well … His knowledge of her never made her said, ‘now, tell me … what did I do this morning?’ No! His knowledge of her life made her go back to the place she lived and tell them to come and meet The One. Miracles… in place to confirm The One, not to impress anyone.

If people aren’t being moved by their need for this power to change their lives and hearts, the is for naught. What is it that draws us to these ministries? And are they left still needing a Savior?

In God’s Word time and time again – He showed people His hand. Their – ‘who is this?’ – moments always showed interest in the truth that was behind that miracle. They want to know The One who made the miracle happen … The One whose Word was going everywhere as He did what they saw. Those who believed in The One who performed the miracles, believed that He was … and they turned to Him – embracing what He taught, submitted to any decree He taught … submitted their lives to Him. Evangelism in a most beautiful way!

We need to be grateful for the miraculous work of His hand. We need to be drawn by our need of Him and not for our want of a miracle. We need to ask His forgiveness for every time we find ourselves longing for miracles, while neglecting Our Savior.

We need to be responding to His work in our lives that makes all people in the world want to see His hand and be moved by all weakness and inadequacy to come to Him for strength and salvation.

Praying that each of us will seek His salvation for the lost, and His presence in their lives as the miracles above all others.

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