Victim — it’s not where God desires that I dwell


I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.  I’m a child of God.  I’m a branch of the One True Vine; a conduit of blessing to the world.  I’m free from the law of sin and death.  I’m accepted by Christ and am a joint heir with Him.  I am a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.  I am God’s workmanship, created for good works.  I am complete.  I am holy and beloved.  I am loved and cherished.

The craziness swirling around us right now can trick us into believing that we are victims – losers – without hope.  But the Word of God tells me that this is not so.  When I am careful to set my mind on His kingdom each day my heart will want to give and not receive; to serve and not rule over; to forgive and not avenge.  I will see the world and all its happenings as my Father in Heaven sees them and not as a person separated from His Spirit.

My feet are surely on this earth – but my mind is the mind of Christ and it must be my aim to help make this earth more like heaven.  Both my outward life and practical pursuits and my inward life and spiritual focus will reflect the image of The One True God.

It is my given role to practice the presence of God every single day no matter what!

Many people in America are being victimized right now – abuse, injustice, false accusations, and violence – but as a believer in Christ we are assured that we will overcome and that these sufferings will be glorifying to our Lord dependent upon how we endure and how we choose to walk after being mistreated.  How do you adjust your attitude?  By setting your mind on things above – including your identity according to the Lord your God! Instead of dwelling in the ‘what you see’ – choose to have a mind that dwells on our true lives which are hidden with God in Christ Jesus.

God has never misled us telling us that we’d walk on a bed of roses in this world — in fact He was quite clear in John 16 that we would have many and various trials; but just as Christ overcame by renewing His mind with the truths of the Father — So Can We!  2 Timothy 2:3-4 tell us that we are to “Suffer hardship … as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” and reminds us that “No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier.”

It’s alright to feel hurt and even to demand that the offender see what they have done to you.  But at the end of the day none of us will ever get the justice we want from men – it will only come from God.  If you don’t believe me have a conversation with a family whose offender was executed on death row and they’ll tell you that they expected to feel vindicated, but it did not happen.

I encourage you to give God your hurt and lean into His truths about you and you will walk victoriously! and when God gives the victory it cannot – will not – be taken away from you! His plans for you include victory – His way.

Use them or lose them!!

Do we ever think about what it means when we, who believe in Christ, just believe and do nothing to show the life of Christ to the world?!?! Christ tells us that this kind living is useless!

Unless we are living out our righteousness in the world by sharing the truth – by showing others the way to Christ … we may as well just STOP!!

We may be a preservative for some — keeping the hand of the Lord from the wicked because we are here keeping good alive and active. We are meant to cast out darkness so that people will know in Whose name we have come. In the words of Fred Hammond, “not called to sit upon a shelf”!

Our salt and light are meant to preserve goodness and illuminate this world with the light of Christ … Not Just To Sit Upon A Shelf! We are not keys hidden to ourselves.

Father, Help me to see the importance of giving my life to the people of this world. Use me to show many the way to Christ. Have mercy on the people who worship other gods, who worship the enemy. May an encounter with Your children be an encounter with You. May our lives be lived in such a way that people have no doubt Who we serve!

Faithful to Believe

How hard it is to stand fast in faith when the circumstances swirling around you press hard to prove to you that there is no hope? It seems that no one understands your plight. And worse, it seems that those who understand your plight, don’t care enough to bear under the weight with you. Living in this world can move you to lose heart – were it not for The One in whom our hope lies.

Difficulty is not only this virus that we ALL or facing. When you or someone you love is sick, and there is no human cure for the disease. When sadness and hopelessness overtakes your mind in depressive thoughts. When financial burdens seem insurmountable. When a besetting sin seems to gain more and more control over you day by day. When you have followed the voice of God, yet see only hardship. When those who say they love you disappoint you. All of us have faced one of these moments – or perhaps you are in one of these moments right now!

Know this – God really is a faithful God. It is hard for us to fathom sometimes that He is faithful – or even that He is good when things seem to go so very wrong. But remember that God is the God of all things – he brings both the wonderful and the dreadful.

The great theologians say create and allow are two very different terms. God certainly does not create moral evil – that comes through the willful rejection of His will by His created beings, namely us! But, whatever you are going through – know that as a child of God (one that is obedient to His will and believes upon His son Jesus, who is the Christ) it is all for the glory of God! All of it!

Psalm 34:19 is our comfort: “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all.”

No matter what, my friend, you are not desolate because The Almighty One has not forsaken you.

As for me, God is my hope. He is my only hope! More than that, I am faithful to believe that He is faithful to complete what He has started and he is faithful to accomplish His word. So – don’t fret – pray! Stand Firm! See the Salvation of the Lord! Be faithful to Believe that He Will Deliver You!

Happy Easter!!

Easter is here!

He Is Risen! He Is Risen!

When our Savior got up from that grave, he proved that the unbeatable … could be beaten! Death was conquered! In fact, every promise He ever made while on this earth was proven to be true when He arose.

Think about it: Jesus is alive, that gives believers the amazing validation that God, Our Father, is moving in a real way in our lives and through our lives. He hears us when we pray; we see His work changing the hearts and lives of people all around us; our lives are cleansed from sin and shame is removed. The realness of the trinity comes alive and we know that because we have Him there is absolutely nothing to worry about. He has full control.

Our Savior died in our place and then rose again and that makes us children of the Most High God and what Our Father does for us cannot be undone! (John 10:28 -30) We belong to Him forever!

When we believe in Christ, the promise that He gives us is an eternal assurance! (John 3:16).

So you see?! Not eggs, bunnies and pretty dresses but so much more!!

I pray that your hearts will be reminded today and throughout this year of the beauty of the promises of the cross.

I am so grateful for what Calvary means to me! I’m His! His love for me is forever and was worth everything to Him. I pray that the light that shines in me will be bright enough for a lost sheep to find Him.

Easter is here! He Is Risen …. Yes!!!! He Is Risen!!!!

All who believe will bow to Him! All who believe will tell others that Jesus Christ is Lord!

The COVID-19 has many physical doors closed, but God never closes the door to Jesus Christ! If you are not a believer – I’m praying that you’ll read the scriptures above and come to know Him. It is really not very difficult to join the family of faith in Christ …

  • Admit to God that you’re a sinner.
  • Ask God for forgiveness and be willing to turn away from your sins.
  • Believe that God sent Jesus Christ – who died for you on the cross.
  • Receive Christ into your heart and life.
  • Reach out to a church or a Christian (you can email: and you will have the support you need to know Christ.

What is drawing us? What do we want?

Miracles, in the Bible, brought people’s hearts toward the Lord – the people became adherent to; to trust in; and, relied on the Savior.

Today, however, prosperity preachers and healing ministries are rampant… and are not leading people to want Him … just to want the miracles that His power can bring. So – it occurs to me that we, followers of Christ, should be concerned about what affect these ministries are having on the hearts of men. Are they, because of miraculous deeds, being drawn to trust in Jesus as Savior? or, are they drawn to want more of the same from Jesus as magician?

Those whom God uses to show the world the miraculous should treat it lightly. The miracles should be drawing people to desire God’s truth. A great picture of that is the woman at the well … His knowledge of her never made her said, ‘now, tell me … what did I do this morning?’ No! His knowledge of her life made her go back to the place she lived and tell them to come and meet The One. Miracles… in place to confirm The One, not to impress anyone.

If people aren’t being moved by their need for this power to change their lives and hearts, the is for naught. What is it that draws us to these ministries? And are they left still needing a Savior?

In God’s Word time and time again – He showed people His hand. Their – ‘who is this?’ – moments always showed interest in the truth that was behind that miracle. They want to know The One who made the miracle happen … The One whose Word was going everywhere as He did what they saw. Those who believed in The One who performed the miracles, believed that He was … and they turned to Him – embracing what He taught, submitted to any decree He taught … submitted their lives to Him. Evangelism in a most beautiful way!

We need to be grateful for the miraculous work of His hand. We need to be drawn by our need of Him and not for our want of a miracle. We need to ask His forgiveness for every time we find ourselves longing for miracles, while neglecting Our Savior.

We need to be responding to His work in our lives that makes all people in the world want to see His hand and be moved by all weakness and inadequacy to come to Him for strength and salvation.

Praying that each of us will seek His salvation for the lost, and His presence in their lives as the miracles above all others.