Godly Counsel – God's Counsel – The Counsel of Man

There are times when we consult pastors or church leaders about personal or ministry problems and they take those problems before their leadership (leadership that they trust) and come back to us with an answer. 

While this seems like wisdom, it may be (and almost always is) man’s wisdom.  When a brother is in sin, the Word of God is clear that we should go before him with a quorum of brethren for the sake of reconciliation.  But in the case that we are seeking God’s counsel on life matters, decisions that we must make – the number of counselors is not important – rather it is that the counsel be godly. 

The difference is that a word from the Lord will confirm God’s will for us.  We must remember that if we are sincerely seeking God’s face in our lives – it will be difficult for the enemy to deceive us into doing something contrary to the will of God. 

It must be our hearts desire to please God in all areas of our lives, no matter if it makes us unpopular among men. 

A wise man once told me that you should keep your friends, your close friends, to a minimum because if the day comes that you want to make a decision counter to the group, you will have a better chance of standing your ground if the people are less.  There is some truth to that. 

As believers, we must entrust our lives to the Lord alone.  We can seek the advice of others, but in the end we are obliged to take the decision before the Lord and trust Him to guide and direct us.  If our relationship with God is not such that we trust Him to guide us — make a change in that today!

The counsel of many does not make that counsel the counsel of God – we must always seek a word from the Lord before we act.

Just take a look at how the king of Israel answered Jehoshaphat’s request.

Father,  help me to rely on and trust in only You.  When you send a word my way, quicken my spirit to know that it is You.  When a deceiver comes to me, quicken my spirit to know that I should beware.  I lay my life in your hands today afresh.  I ask that You alone would move me to do the right thing at the right time.  I trust in You!