Sweet Smelling Savor

I was asked by a friend how joy filled I was in the life I am living. They were asking if I was content and convinced that being in a life of global missions was satisfying to my heart. They asked if having to raise support and having to adjust to many cultures were not making me want to just change my focus. Well …. The truth is, my heart is joy filled. The whole satisfaction for my mind and my heart are living a life that I know brings the God I serve; the God I adore tremendous glory and sincere thanksgiving.

Having things my own way many years ago never left me in a place of full satisfaction. I always needed just one more $1; I always needed the acceptance of just one more person; I always needed to be bowed down to; I always needed to be seen and heard; I always needed to ensure that I was completely satisfied …. and you know what?!?! I never was!!!! Pleasing my flesh led me down a road of hurt, harm, sadness, danger, weakness, fear, stupidity, dissatisfaction, ignorance, arrogance … and much more.

But once I made the decision to give myself to Him, all things changed. I remember when I felt the change come … I was blown away. I did not know what He was telling me to do, but I felt His presence and only took a step if I knew He was saying ‘take the step’. I laid my dependence on my flesh and the people around me down and gave my complete dependence to Him. The more I leaned into His Word, all that I wanted to do was please Him in all ways.

Giving myself to Him completely has been a goal of mine. I mean, I truly want to be laying my life before Him as an offering … submission, bowing before Him; gratefulness, gratitude; and, delightful – satisfactory. I want the offering of my life to Him to reflect the offering of the life of my Savior. Christ gave His life willingly. Christ gave His life with willingness to suffer. Christ gave His life in true love of God. Christ gave His spirit, soul and body to The Father. Christ gave His life in obedience to God’s command.

The amazing picture of an offering, a sacrifice, that is a sweet smelling aroma in God’s Word in a couple of spots … mind blowing for me.

Father, please help me to give myself to You as an offering that pleases you. An offering free from sin and self seeking worth. An offering that expresses my gratitude for Your love for me, Your grace towards me, Your brand new mercies that meet me every day. I want You to have all of me. I want You to use me. I want Your desires to be accomplished in my life. Every thought I have and every aim I have, take them and change them. Thank You for giving Your Son for me! I pray that my life will bring Him complete glory, complete praise and complete thanksgiving.