COVID-19 … God’s Got Me! I Trust Him!

As for me and this COVID-19 ... I am contented with any trouble it may bring. Why? Because I have no doubt at all that all of the troubles I ever face make me more patient - a patience that proves that I am strong; a patience that gives me hope. True hope that just … Continue reading COVID-19 … God’s Got Me! I Trust Him!

Walk In Righteousness …

I grew up in a house where I was taught - AND TOLD - to obey. Not just to obey God, but to obey all elders in my family. Generally speaking, I was a good girl! I seldom did without anything at all that I desired and I was never pushed away from the family. … Continue reading Walk In Righteousness …

Don't Worry … Be At Peace

The Coronavirus is a serious thing that we are all facing. Some are ill; some have passed away; MANY have survived it. The national news channels are not telling us that for every 1 that passes away, 20 survive. We are forgetting to tell ourselves that for any believer that passes away ... the truth … Continue reading Don't Worry … Be At Peace

Godly Counsel – God's Counsel – The Counsel of Man

There are times when we consult pastors or church leaders about personal or ministry problems and they take those problems before their leadership (leadership that they trust) and come back to us with an answer.  While this seems like wisdom, it may be (and almost always is) man's wisdom.  When a brother is in sin, … Continue reading Godly Counsel – God's Counsel – The Counsel of Man