Sarah E. Gorham. Liberia, Sierra Leone. Served 1888 – 1894

Sarah E. Gorham is recorded as the first female missionary of the AME (African Methodist Episcopal) Church; but she served for 8 years before that as an independent missionary.

In 1880, Sarah visited family in Liberia. Her interest in helping people and pouring into their lives was true and strong and she was described then as a missionary; as a church leader; and, as a social worker. She returned to the United States and was involved in the ministry of the Charles Street AME Church. In 1888, she went to the Magbelle mission in Sierra Leone, where she established the Sarah Gorham Mission School, a place of both Bible teaching and industrial training. In Jul 1894, Sarah was infected with malaria. She was bedridden, and passed away in one month.

Sarah was buried at Kissy Road Cemetery in Freetown, Sierra Leone.