When The Holy Spirit Speaks


I’m extremely glad that my God cares for me and wants me to lead a life of victory! I am grateful that His desire for me is that I live fulfilled and free. More than that – I am overjoyed that He doesn’t leave me to my own devices, but has sent the Holy Spirit to guide me as I make choices about what to do in my life. The Holy Spirit speaks to me! Through The Word of God – He speaks! Through the people of God – He speaks! Through circumstances – He speaks! Through dreams and visions – He speaks! I have heard Him – because I am His beloved and I know His voice! Yes! God wants so much that I would hear from Him that He sent to me His Holy Spirit – who is always speaking, guiding, directing me in His way.

When He speaks — things happen!  Storms cease.  Problems are solved. Victories are won. Hopeless situations are revived. Dread turns into expectation.  Fear becomes courage. Darkness is run away by His light. Sickness makes way for healing.  Joy moves deep within my soul.  When He speaks – life happens – real life — the God life!

It seems an amazing and wonderful gift that my Lord and King desires that I hear His voice. Unlike earthly rulers, I don’t have to go through some secretary that does not care about me; or go through some burdensome protocol; or deal with the secret service. I can come into His presence and He will delight in speaking to me.  Knowing that He speaks to me has kept me from listening too intently to the noise in this world. People always have something to say about your life and what you should do with your life. Opinions – everyone has them, but God sent to me His Holy Spirit who does not share opinions … but TRUTH!

The Holy Spirit is a gentle guide and He is God’s delegate to us. His role is to ensure that we are on the path that God has set before us. The Holy Spirit will prompt us to cry out to God; and when we can’t come up with the words to say – He will interpret our longings to the Father in the language of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit will encourage us to live God’s way so that we will walk in the promises that God has for us. The Holy Spirit will empower us to live Holy and set apart in this world. The Holy Spirit will fit us for the work of the gospel.

God has planned for me a hope filled future, not a future filled with disaster and calamity … but, even hope filled – it would be impossible for me to walk in what He has for me in my own power. When He speaks, you will experience peace, clear direction and joy that is impossible to explain!  Don’t get lost in the words – the chatter – of this world.  He is speaking – He is guiding – He has not left you!  The Holy Spirit was not only sent to comfort us – but to guide us. He is ready and willing to guide you in the way that God would have you to go. Don’t depend upon your own understanding – you are sure to get it wrong! But He will not mislead you!

One thought on “When The Holy Spirit Speaks

  1. Great message! So thankful for Holy Spirit, who is always with me–leading, guiding, directing, teaching, speaking, comforting, reminding!!! I so need HIm!


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