Losing Sight of Me … Seeing Him

Christ follower has become the name by which Christians want to be identified … but are we really identified that way?? Do we truly see ourselves that way???

Our own interests – have they truly become as nothing?

Do we lay our own desires down on Sunday, only to return to the practice of tending to our own desires on Monday?

If I want to be a Christ follower, then the Kingdom of God must become EVERYTHING!

You see … we cannot satisfy ourselves and expect our souls to be satisfied BUT if the soul is happy, any difficulty or submission of the body will be bearable. He’s with us! Bearing our cross is the truth of being a disciple of Christ.

Following Christ costs us much ‘earthly’ ease and comfort, but the joy He gives is unspeakable and the peace He gives is so amazing we will not ever understand it.

Losing sight of our selves and gaining sight of Him within us is just a beautiful way to our true blessing.

Father, help me to know what it means to hide me behind The Cross. Help me, Lord, to move beyond that person I see in the mirror – and to open my heart to see the being that you have created. Help me, Lord, to give myself completely to what you have created me to be – and not to what I want to be. Help me, Father, to stand in victory over sin and not to fall into its hands. Help me, Father, to know that I am precious to You … precious to The Only One that matters in this entire world! Help me to truly walk by faith and not by sight so that I can be used completely for the sake of Your glory.

One thought on “Losing Sight of Me … Seeing Him

  1. Very good message to the body of Christ, Jan! It is what needs to be said and you said it! Blessings with love!


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