Ask What You Will …

Ask what you will and it shall be done according to The Father’s glory. If our requests are for the sake of His glory and not our own, many in the world will come to see us as disciples of Christ. Our asking should be directly related to our fruit bearing. We should be asking for boldness, clarity of speech, opportunity, wisdom, etc. We should be desiring what The Savior Himself desired — that The Father be glorified! We can ask what we will in order to be fruitful .. and He will surely grant it!

The asking is directly related to The Father’s glory and the fruit we bear. Not some arbitrary asking related to our own desires. The asking is directly to those of us who are steadfast disciples who will only ask Him for things that are in His will, just like Jesus Christ did! And what did Jesus Christ cry out for?!?! He cried out for the lost to be found and for the believer to be steadfast.

I do thank You, Father, for this revelation to my soul. Understanding Your heart – Your desires – helps me to avoid praying amiss. Father, grant to me wisdom and clarity in communicating Your truths. Grant to me boldness when presented with opportunities to share the richness of Your truths. Make my life and my living glorify You so that all may see that I am a disciple of Christ!!

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  1. Amen to the good Word going forth! The Light in you shines! May we all, as believers in Jesus Christ, shine as lights in this world that men may see the good works of God and glorify Him!

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