He’ll Help You Deal With It!

What if I could guarantee you that your food for TODAY and your clothing for TODAY were guaranteed?

Well, I can’t guarantee anybody anything – but there is One who can.

Reading in Matthew today – and God makes an humanly outrageous promise to us – one of the most incredible promises in all of scripture! Get ready – here it is: Obey Me and follow My instruction and I will provide what you have NEED of!

If we could get our minds around this and really believe it and really live like it was the truth – our lives would be transformed! Worry and doubt would all but disappear from our daily lives! We could conquer the evil of payday loans and title loans that are destroying peoples finances today. God asks only that our priority each day be to allow Him rule over us (because we say He is our King) and to allow His transformation of us (because we say we are Christ followers).

‘“Don’t worry and say, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear?’ That’s what those people who don’t know God are always thinking about. Don’t worry, because your Father in heaven knows that you need all these things. What you should want most is God’s kingdom and doing what he wants you to do. Then he will give you all these other things you need. So don’t worry about tomorrow. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Tomorrow will have its own worries.’ Matthew 6:31 – 31

Can you imagine walking in the truth that God will actually take care of you?! Counting on the things that the world provides – bank accounts, jobs, the national/global economy – will drive you to anxiety because they are not stable. God, however, never changes and He is not a man that He would lie to us about anything. (Num 23:19) Desire today to make it your first priority to live in God’s will and to become a true image bearer of the Christ and believe me your true needs will be met.

I’m not talking about frivolous, selfish desires – I’m talking about what you truly need both spiritually and physically. Rest in God’s faithfulness today – He will keep His word! I am a living witness …

Father, I thank you deeply for opening my eyes to the truth of your provision. I could have been in tremendous need for much, but because I’ve determined in my heart to give myself completely to you … I truly have what I need. I ask you today to open the eyes of Children of God all over the world. Help us to choose living for you and in obedience to you in all things. Help us to understand what true needs are. Help us to cry out to You, only You and to see and experience the truth of Your Word!!