Preach what you Practice – Practice what you Preach

We are to speak truth and live lives that back up what we say. In God’s authority we are to teach others how to live in this world with boldness. We are to be non-conformists.

We must not give in to telling people what they want to hear in order to get more people to listen. It must always be our practice to teach a healthy doctrine; an undistorted truth. Further, our lives must show people how to live. We must move among people so that they will see how we walk, talk and dress; and will thereby learn the ways of righteousness.

We should carry ourselves as if we are under the authority of Christ – with dignity – in a manner that demands respect without our having to say it. And finally we cannot shrink back from those who might ridicule, belittle or renounce our ways. Non-conformists to the systems and practices of the world.

Father, the pressure to fit in is heavy on ministers of the gospel. Please help us to see beyond the world’s desires so that we’ll see straight to Your truth. When it seems that our heart might give in to some whim of man – rescue us! Help us to speak truth and live truth. Give us courage and boldness to stand firm. Help us to move beyond our comfort zone so that the world might know what a Christ follower looks like. Give us hearts that desire to impact the young – so that when they are mature they will be able to stand firm and walk in Your ways!!!