Ask What You Will …

Ask what you will and it shall be done according to The Father’s glory. If our requests are for the sake of His glory and not our own, many in the world will come to see us as disciples of Christ. Our asking should be directly related to our fruit bearing. We should be asking for boldness, clarity of speech, opportunity, wisdom, etc. We should be desiring what The Savior Himself desired — that The Father be glorified! We can ask what we will in order to be fruitful .. and He will surely grant it!

The asking is directly related to The Father’s glory and the fruit we bear. Not some arbitrary asking related to our own desires. The asking is directly to those of us who are steadfast disciples who will only ask Him for things that are in His will, just like Jesus Christ did! And what did Jesus Christ cry out for?!?! He cried out for the lost to be found and for the believer to be steadfast.

I do thank You, Father, for this revelation to my soul. Understanding Your heart – Your desires – helps me to avoid praying amiss. Father, grant to me wisdom and clarity in communicating Your truths. Grant to me boldness when presented with opportunities to share the richness of Your truths. Make my life and my living glorify You so that all may see that I am a disciple of Christ!!

Born … to Die

I tried to imagine what the shepherds and wise men must have felt in their hearts!  I’m truly grateful. Thankful that the Father gave His son in flesh for me! Thankful that the way that I can give a gift to The Father, is the way that He gave to me …. LIFE! He gave His son’s … and I’ll give Him mine!!!

It’s not a one day thing, y’all.  You can’t just celebrate the birth and move on to the next thing. You’ve got to remember that He was born and why He was born; and you’ve got to remember that He did it for your life, giving each one of us the amazing privilege to be reconciled to and used by The Father!

Everyone of us takes time to pull some of our life back into our own wants, needs, desires, etc. But each and every day we have the beautiful privilege to yield and submit to Him again. Giving ourselves to Him and yielding for Him to use us!

I mean that God was in Christ, making peace between the world and himself. In Christ, God did not hold people guilty for their sins. And he gave us this message of peace to tell people. 2 Corinthians 5:19

Thank you, Father, for Jesus – who is the Christ … who was Lord at His birth! BEST GIFT EVER! Use me, O Lord! Use me for the sake of the Kingdom. Use me to bring people into the truth of the Gospel. Use me to bring people to know my Savior, Jesus Christ. 

From the Cantata, Op. 25: Born to Die by Glenn Burleigh

“Born to die. Died only to rise again. Rose that we might live eternally. God sent sent His Son, and let Him be born to die.

God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself! God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself! God was in Christ!

Hallelujah, to the newborn King! Hallelujah, to the newborn King!

Jesus Christ was born to die! Died only to rise again! Rose that we might live eternally. God sent His son! God sent His only begotten Son. God sent His son and let Him be born to die!

He was born to Die. He died that we might live!”

Glenn Burleigh

Contented in Him!

At this ‘most wonderful time of the year’, America is marked by extreme consumerism and materialism. But is that who we really are? America is noted around the world as being gluttonous at Christmas, but is that who we really are? The pundits say that we all spend much more than we can afford at this time of year, but is that who we really are?

When Lloyd and I were young parents and young marrieds, our resources were almost nothing (they are not much more now, but we know how to manage better!) – when Christmas came, we would buy our children so many presents that you almost couldn’t see the bottom of the tree; it was ridiculous! One year when the kids were 3, 7 and 11 we realized that they could care less about the gifts after just a few days. They were quite content with the one favorite toy AND with being together AND being doted on by their parents. (it’s actually what they still love!)

As Christ followers we are that same way. Our souls are truly satisfied in communion with our King, BUT our flesh deceives us into thinking that we must have more than that, so we fill our lives with the comforts of this world – a bigger house than we need; a car with bells and whistles we’ll never use; people that make us feel important; relationships that help us pretend we’re not lonely; positions that make us feel meaningful — and yet at the end of the day, when we lay on the pillow – we find we are still in discontent.

Our enemy, the Devil, wants us to believe that we have to have it all! Well, the truth is – we do have it ALL!

As followers of Christ, we are adopted into the family of God; we are joint heirs with Christ; we have the indwelling Holy Spirit of Promise within us! I would say we have all that ‘and a bag of chips’! We have it all! We have given Lordship of our lives over to a benevolent and loving King who ensures that we have all that we need and much of what we want. He only asks that we love Him and be devoted to serve Him. And truly, if you really think about it, when we are living in service to Him we tend to be quite contented.


Yes! It is good to want your circumstance to improve, but it is a powerful thing to know that just living according to His will for you will cause your heart to be content. Things will go out of style; beauty fades; people fail you; situations change — but God, He remains the same!

Paul challenges us to be content no matter the situation, and encourages us that God will give us the strength to walk in this contentment; Jesus admonishes us to seek God’s kingdom and rest in knowing that God will provide all other things that we seek; In Hebrews we are reminded that He is ours and will not leave us or forsake us; in Romans we are reminded that He will work our circumstances out for our good and His glory.

As the year ends many of our most popular print media outlets remind us of notable people that we lost during the year; the most notable people of the year; the most beautiful people of the year; the worst people of the year; etc. I watch as people read the magazines in the check out line (trying not to act interested myself!) and people are captivated by the lives of these success stories; and success stories gone wrong! But my eye catches the front cover of one of the magazines – and I begin to wonder if these stars/celebrities/notables are happy and satisfied in their lives. I wonder if they, with all that they do have, have the One thing that matters in life. I wonder if who we see, who they allow us to see, is who they really are.

Do not be deceived! It is not riches or popularity that will satisfy your need to feel fulfilled or your need to feel that your life has value.  Satisfaction will come when you decide that He is enough and then take the step to live a life in humble submission to a King who can and will keep every promise He ever made to you! He satisfies! He is satisfying! He will satisfy! I am a living witness!

He’ll Help You Deal With It!

What if I could guarantee you that your food for TODAY and your clothing for TODAY were guaranteed?

Well, I can’t guarantee anybody anything – but there is One who can.

Reading in Matthew today – and God makes an humanly outrageous promise to us – one of the most incredible promises in all of scripture! Get ready – here it is: Obey Me and follow My instruction and I will provide what you have NEED of!

If we could get our minds around this and really believe it and really live like it was the truth – our lives would be transformed! Worry and doubt would all but disappear from our daily lives! We could conquer the evil of payday loans and title loans that are destroying peoples finances today. God asks only that our priority each day be to allow Him rule over us (because we say He is our King) and to allow His transformation of us (because we say we are Christ followers).

‘“Don’t worry and say, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear?’ That’s what those people who don’t know God are always thinking about. Don’t worry, because your Father in heaven knows that you need all these things. What you should want most is God’s kingdom and doing what he wants you to do. Then he will give you all these other things you need. So don’t worry about tomorrow. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Tomorrow will have its own worries.’ Matthew 6:31 – 31

Can you imagine walking in the truth that God will actually take care of you?! Counting on the things that the world provides – bank accounts, jobs, the national/global economy – will drive you to anxiety because they are not stable. God, however, never changes and He is not a man that He would lie to us about anything. (Num 23:19) Desire today to make it your first priority to live in God’s will and to become a true image bearer of the Christ and believe me your true needs will be met.

I’m not talking about frivolous, selfish desires – I’m talking about what you truly need both spiritually and physically. Rest in God’s faithfulness today – He will keep His word! I am a living witness …

Father, I thank you deeply for opening my eyes to the truth of your provision. I could have been in tremendous need for much, but because I’ve determined in my heart to give myself completely to you … I truly have what I need. I ask you today to open the eyes of Children of God all over the world. Help us to choose living for you and in obedience to you in all things. Help us to understand what true needs are. Help us to cry out to You, only You and to see and experience the truth of Your Word!!

Beyond the Comforts of Home

Everyone of us has a place that is our place of retreat — of refuge. Some of us even minister in places that are a safe place for us.

When Lloyd and I started the journey in Ghana, it was an exciting ministry move. But something we learned early on was that we couldn’t always, when in our home, cut everyone off to rest. There were truly times when what people needed to hear from The Lord were going to make us have to step out OR open the door. We experienced a great joy once we understood that God was using us for the sake of His glory — and He always gave us moments of rest in His due time.

It is so very important to rest and recuperate when in ministry, but it is also important to keep our desires to please ourselves at a minimum – so that we won’t miss seeing the needs of the people that God has called us to serve and share the truth of the Gospel with.

When I was reading Matthew 13, verse one just stopped me for a moment.

This text is very telling that when Jesus was on this earth, He did not sit back and wait for people to come to Him to receive the Word — though He was God!! He made a deliberate move toward the people.

The lake, as I have learned living in Ghana, bustles with activity. People are fetching water for drinking and cooking; people are washing their clothes; people are even bathing at the lake. Jesus moved from the house to the very place where He would guarantee being seen — by the people that He knew needed to hear what He had to say.

And when He got their attention — He spoke The Word!

Jesus moved from a place of solitude and privacy to a public place where people dwelled. Ain’t that something?! Will you do it too?!?!

Father, it is so much easier to stay in our safe places. It takes so little effort to be where our comforts are. Help us to develop hearts that love Your people enough to move toward them with the Gospel that will save their lives. May our hearts be so overwhelmed with love for You that our consuming passion will be to bring glory to You, by reconciling the lost to their One True King!!