Be United … It’s ALL About Him!

It has become a frightening thing to my heart, hearing Christ followers find ways to become divided. I’ve heard racial reasons, cultural reasons, political reasons, worship reasons, attire reasons, generic reasons, forgiveness reasons, holiness labels, sacrifice labels, and so on and so on and so on …

I’ve had the beautiful blessing of women sent my way to talk about and enter in to a deeper life with Christ; a deeper relationship with Him. We were recently talking about these differences and the sadness it has placed on their hearts based, they say, on how I’ve been walking with them. You see, there are five of them. They are five different races, five different denominational backgrounds, five different worship music loves, etc. But what they have in common is their belief in God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit; their belief in the gift of Christ on Calvary; and, their belief in the gift of the Holy Spirit that strengthens them to carry out whatever God has called them to do. They know they are one – they say, it’s because I’ve told them that they have one Father so … they’re sisters in Christ.

As I venture to disciple Christ followers, it is my duty to see that people know what it means to be unified and why.

  • First, I must teach that Christ has encouraged and admonished us to be one.
  • Second, they must know that my love for them is a gift from God; it is not any love earned by one more than another. That means that I must love people equally … showing no respect of person.
  • Third, I must walk in the Spirit; exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit, modeling before people a life of one who KNOWS God’s presence and the filling of His Holy Spirit.
  • Lastly, I must teach a message of grace, which is what God’s affection towards us looks like.

As I do these things, people will be able to embrace their common purpose … to glorify God!! And they will be better equipped to walk in UNITY.

I just don’t want any of them walking by way of Jan Chinn! No way! I want to encourage them and equip them to walk in obedience to Him, sharing His Spirit and sharing the mercy and kindness He has shown to all of His children. I want to encourage them to agree with one another about the truth of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I want them to show deep love for one another. I want them to be united in their goal – to see all unreached people come to know Christ. I want them to know that beyond all things, His Kingdom is first and foremost.

My joy, as a minister of the gospel, is to see those I disciple unified in love.

I’m praying that Our Father will show me how to walk according to His Word! Praying that my life will be a reflection of Christ, showing the way to godly love, compassion and unity. Praying that the world will see His grace through my life. Praying that the beautiful unity of my own household will allow us to walk worthy before men; leading other to become one in Him! Have mercy upon us Lord, because we want to make your joy COMPLETE!!

Think about what we have in Christ: the encouragement he has brought us, the comfort of his love, our sharing in his Spirit, and the mercy and kindness he has shown us. If you enjoy these blessings, then do what will make my joy complete: Agree with each other, and show your love for each other. Be united in your goals and in the way you think. Philippians 2:1-2

2 thoughts on “Be United … It’s ALL About Him!

  1. Amen. I enjoy these blessings; and I agree that my heart not be divided but UNITED IN HIM! It is ALL about HIM!!! I must preach Christ and live by His teachings, ALWAYS!!! Much love to you, my Sister, Sistah!!!


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