Get Thee Behind Me!

There are lyrics from a song called Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore - a girl from New Zealand. She recorded it in 2011 – so I guess its an old song by todays standards. Basically – this woman is considered a ‘Black Sheep’ because she has a potty mouth, she drinks and when pushed to … Continue reading Get Thee Behind Me!

black church? white church? or The Church!!!

People of color. For me .. it has nothing to do with black and white; but it goes so much further. God created so many of us and created us within so many ethnicities. He created all of us for the sake of His glory and not for any man's glory. If you are a … Continue reading black church? white church? or The Church!!!

Abiding Assistance

The phrase 'obedience is better than sacrifice' has almost become trite in Christian circles. These words of our Lord, however highlight the significance of obedience. It not only indicates our love for Him; but opens the way for the Holy Spirit, our teacher and comforter, to dwell within us. So many cry for the Holy … Continue reading Abiding Assistance

Be United … It’s ALL About Him!

It has become a frightening thing to my heart, hearing Christ followers find ways to become divided. I've heard racial reasons, cultural reasons, political reasons, worship reasons, attire reasons, generic reasons, forgiveness reasons, holiness labels, sacrifice labels, and so on and so on and so on ... I've had the beautiful blessing of women sent … Continue reading Be United … It’s ALL About Him!