Your ‘Rep’ Cannot Deceive Him

Our Christian work can build for us quite a reputation. We will be called merciful, obedient, caring, selfless, faithful, loving … and more! Man can place heroic labels on us based on what they see .. which is quite often only what we want, or allow them to see. But He knows the truth about everything we do!

I was talking to a friend who is in a ministry that serves many. Amazing to hear that many people that she serves don’t value her care for them at all! She says, “girl, I don’t even care if they love me. I just want to love them in a way that will help them to understand the beauty of Him.” Ain’t that beautiful, y’all!! Her love for them comes from Him. Her heart for them comes from Him. I told her she’s a hero for me. What about you?

If what we do is not rooted in the truth that we have received and in the love that causes us to obey … we walk as the dead — though appearing alive to men. To avoid a complacent or dead work, we have to be careful to keep our passion for Christ’s redemptive work alive! We must desire most of all to obey – which is to love Him so that we might be found worthy.

Other people might believe there is life where there is none – but He knows!

Father, may it never be that we walk as spiritual zombies on this earth. Guide our hearts continually in the truth and may our love for You be what compels us to act No vain glory; no man’s delight .. only for the sake of Your glory! Make us alive in You, find us worthy of Your calling, Your suffering, Your love. Amen

One thought on “Your ‘Rep’ Cannot Deceive Him

  1. Amen. We are to be written “living epistles”, known and read by all men (2Corinthians 3:1-3), Lord, help me to be a GOOD READ, TRUE (Non-Fictional, not hypocritical, fake, or phoney)!


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