He Made Light … and Darkness

A common phrase among Christians is that God “allows bad things” — storms, sudden death, etc. – but God does not “do” bad things. In the USA recently some areas that haven’t ever had to endure so many rain storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. have had serious difficulty. I’ve been praying for and with many people. One person said to me she didn’t understand why God would do this to them. Do This To Them! It’s not an easy truth to comprehend … and I get that. He does tell us that He is our God and there is not other god beside Him. He also lets us know that there is nothing done without Him. All things are in His hand only. He is the Lord of all … light and darkness; prosperity and disaster; all things.

Our difficulty is that we have some silly beliefs about what God is supposed to be to us. I’m not being funny … but the way some talk I know they believe He is like a genie … or some kind of nice cuddly teddy bear or one that carries out only what we desire. Those that think these things are Stupid! Arrogant! Foolish!! I know that this sounds like I’m being mean or something, but it is the only way that I can think to describe it! If it is your mind/heart that thinks that way – get in touch with me, let’s talk truth ….

There is no God besides Him. Both good and difficult things we face are in His hand. It just cannot happen if He does not allow it. If He never brought you out of anything, how would you truly know of what His power can do for His children? Would you know what prayer can do if you never prayed?

When you read the Old Testament, you will see over an over again that God is an Awesome God AND a God to be feared – these words coming out of the same people quite often. The issue is that none of us enjoy or desire suffering. In fact, even those of us who cause suffering for others don’t want it for ourselves. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy and peace, LONGSUFFERING …. well, let’s just stop right there!!! As believers in Christ, we have to keep a strong truth in our minds. I know that you know what I mean. He holds our right hand and will help us; we can put our fears in His hands because He cares for us; when afraid, we should put our trust in Him; He is our rock, our fortress, our deliver, our God, our strength in whom we can surely trust; our help comes from Him; He is our refuge, strength and very present help; ….. Are you getting this?!?!?

We need to remember to call out to Him in times of all trouble. Whether it is a weather issue, a health issue, a marriage issue, a lost soul issue, a relationship issue …. anything at all! And more than calling out to Him ourselves … we need to be committed to crying out to Him for one another. Pray for all people and especially those who are of the household of faith in Him. He is all powerful! He demands the loyalty and love of those who name Christ as Lord AND he does not want us to forget that He is holding in His hands all pleasure and calamity that may befall us. We must have a right view of our God in order to serve Him rightly.

Father, You are an awe inspiring, serious God. You are most important and, in our weak minds we even see you as dangerous because of Your great power. Remind us that there is a reason that we are to come before You with fear and trembling. You can bless us, or You can bring calamity upon us. Whether through punishment or testing because of Your sovereign will. Help us to know You! Help us to understand all that You are. We are lost, God. We have made You what You are not! Forgive us!