Great Is The Lord …

“Great Is The Lord And Greatly To Be Praised, The Lord God Will See You Through!! Be Encouraged!! Lift Up Your Head, Don’t Be Afraid, Because The Lord God Will See You Through! He’ll Supply All Your Need! He’ll Supply All Of Your Need, According To His Riches In Glory, The Lord God Will See You Through!!!” This is a Glenn Burleigh favorite song and I’m singing this today with true praise in my heart!!!!! Thank You Lord!!

One year ago today (October 15, 2018 @ 10:30am) the neurosurgeon went in there and removed my left amygdala and a part of my left temporal lobe. We were told that there would be an 18 month wait before I’d be able to re-enter life fully. But GOD!!!

Today, on my one year surgery anniversary, I’m back at it!!! In Asia now working on a partnership regarding Asians in Africa; in West Africa visiting our current teams; and, in Tunesia with another conference about broadening our work in Africa. In addition to being back at my job (Africa Global Director) fully … I’m also in the middle of an MBA program; I’m fully engaged in my roles in MANI and Crossover Bible Fellowship FD2F. Nobody But GOD!!

I know that who I am now is a little different. I know that much of my memory is no longer with me. I know that faces and names don’t always match. I know that my memory is not healthy yet – can’t remember much. I know that my oral communication is a little lower than before. I know that no filter makes people uncomfortable sometimes. I know that I cry easier and more often. But ….

I’m rejoicing that my love for The Father, my love for The Son, my dependence upon The Holy Spirit are stronger than before. I’m rejoicing that my love and sincere trust in my husband, the amazing Lloyd S Chinn, is deeper than before. I’m rejoicing at the love and care for me I saw in the hands and hearts of my sons, Joseph Timothy and Jeremy Titus. Family and friends that blew me away with love, service, kindness at that time AND are continuing to walk me through the changes! I am just overjoyed that my heart, mind and hands in the global missions work have become even more deep and passionate.

I’m alive y’all!! I AM ALIVE!! Not just physically alive, but mentally alive. Not just mentally and physically alive, but spiritually alive!!! He has seen me through! He continues to see me through!!

Father, my strength and my courage have never failed because I knew that You would not leave me nor forsake me! I never once thought of You like anyone in the flesh who promises things that they cannot carry out. I knew, with no doubt, that when I pleaded to you for healing, it would be done in Your way! Hallelujah! My heart has never left You! I have desired to please You and to bring You glory every step of the way … so, thank You for using me! Thank you for leading medical professionals to Christ through all of this! Thank you for opening eyes to see Your amazing grace and power through all of this! I just cannot thank you enough!!!! Gratefulness is flowing from my heart!!!!!!

“Be encouraged … lift up your head. Be encouraged … don’t be afraid. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised! The Lord God will see you through. He’ll supply all your need. He’ll supply all of your need. According to His riches in glory, The Lord, God will see you through!” — Minister Glenn E Burleigh

5 thoughts on “Great Is The Lord …

  1. To God Be the Glory!! Jan, I have truly seen God work in your life. I Thank you for being steadfast and immovable in your unwavering Faith and Love for our Heavenly Father. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example and still able to Love, accept, and support me in all that you have gone through. Who wouldn’t serve a God like ours???? Love you more than you’ll ever know!! Love, Gail


  2. Praising God with you, Jan. I love your heart, your praise, and your steadfast faith during this season of testing. God does carry us through. Unlike you with steadfast faith, past year I wavered in unbelief … not trusting God as He truly is. But He is patient and longsuffering. He is showing me His mercy and healing me. He does carry us through. My praise is from one whom He lifted out of the miry clay and set on the solid rock. Never the less, we are praising Him together for who He is and what He has done. All glory to HIM! Many will see and fear and will trust in the LORD. (Ps 40:1-3)

    Sherri Kone


  3. I love your overwhelming joy and awe in all that God has done! You are pulsing praise with every breath. It is uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging to read your testimony. Praising God with you, my friend!


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