Don’t Be a Wise Old Fool!

So … I’ve known one of them, and I’m telling you .. Don’t Do It!!!!

There’s one who had everything!  A great and growing ministry; a lovely and Godly spouse; God fearing and devoted children; a great secular job that allowed he and his wife to still be in ministry; committed friends; etc. Even further, the wisdom that was poured out from this heart was a wisdom that many went to. Amazing counsel that was always spot on!  

About 30 years into marriage (that does not mean old – I’m at 26!) my friend decided to give in to his urges. He entered into a life of sin and degradation that destroyed the marriage; ended the ministry; and even took a tragic toll on personal health.  

This is now an elderly person. My friend is mostly alone and living without purpose.  It has made me so sad to think of all that that was and all of the great wisdom that came from this person. Heartbreaking to know that the end of this once beautiful and shining life has no shine at all!  

How foolish to be gifted with heavenly wisdom and understanding; and yet to squander it all on choices that go contrary to Our King. My friend ain’t the first!!

Having wisdom is not enough.  We have to be committed to the ways of the Lord.   We must commit ourselves always and in all things to love our God and King with all of our devotion; with complete communion; with all of our energy; and with all of our understanding.  And we must commit to love ourselves as He has loved us – and love the peoples of the world in the same way that we love ourselves.

Yes — in all your getting get wisdom; but never, never forsake your relationship with nor your devotion to the King of Kings.  He is ALL!