Your ‘Rep’ Cannot Deceive Him

Our Christian work can build for us quite a reputation. We will be called merciful, obedient, caring, selfless, faithful, loving … and more! Man can place heroic labels on us based on what they see .. which is quite often only what we want, or allow them to see. But He knows the truth about everything we do!

I was talking to a friend who is in a ministry that serves many. Amazing to hear that many people that she serves don’t value her care for them at all! She says, “girl, I don’t even care if they love me. I just want to love them in a way that will help them to understand the beauty of Him.” Ain’t that beautiful, y’all!! Her love for them comes from Him. Her heart for them comes from Him. I told her she’s a hero for me. What about you?

If what we do is not rooted in the truth that we have received and in the love that causes us to obey … we walk as the dead — though appearing alive to men. To avoid a complacent or dead work, we have to be careful to keep our passion for Christ’s redemptive work alive! We must desire most of all to obey – which is to love Him so that we might be found worthy.

Other people might believe there is life where there is none – but He knows!

Father, may it never be that we walk as spiritual zombies on this earth. Guide our hearts continually in the truth and may our love for You be what compels us to act No vain glory; no man’s delight .. only for the sake of Your glory! Make us alive in You, find us worthy of Your calling, Your suffering, Your love. Amen

He Made Light … and Darkness

A common phrase among Christians is that God “allows bad things” — storms, sudden death, etc. – but God does not “do” bad things. In the USA recently some areas that haven’t ever had to endure so many rain storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. have had serious difficulty. I’ve been praying for and with many people. One person said to me she didn’t understand why God would do this to them. Do This To Them! It’s not an easy truth to comprehend … and I get that. He does tell us that He is our God and there is not other god beside Him. He also lets us know that there is nothing done without Him. All things are in His hand only. He is the Lord of all … light and darkness; prosperity and disaster; all things.

Our difficulty is that we have some silly beliefs about what God is supposed to be to us. I’m not being funny … but the way some talk I know they believe He is like a genie … or some kind of nice cuddly teddy bear or one that carries out only what we desire. Those that think these things are Stupid! Arrogant! Foolish!! I know that this sounds like I’m being mean or something, but it is the only way that I can think to describe it! If it is your mind/heart that thinks that way – get in touch with me, let’s talk truth ….

There is no God besides Him. Both good and difficult things we face are in His hand. It just cannot happen if He does not allow it. If He never brought you out of anything, how would you truly know of what His power can do for His children? Would you know what prayer can do if you never prayed?

When you read the Old Testament, you will see over an over again that God is an Awesome God AND a God to be feared – these words coming out of the same people quite often. The issue is that none of us enjoy or desire suffering. In fact, even those of us who cause suffering for others don’t want it for ourselves. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy and peace, LONGSUFFERING …. well, let’s just stop right there!!! As believers in Christ, we have to keep a strong truth in our minds. I know that you know what I mean. He holds our right hand and will help us; we can put our fears in His hands because He cares for us; when afraid, we should put our trust in Him; He is our rock, our fortress, our deliver, our God, our strength in whom we can surely trust; our help comes from Him; He is our refuge, strength and very present help; ….. Are you getting this?!?!?

We need to remember to call out to Him in times of all trouble. Whether it is a weather issue, a health issue, a marriage issue, a lost soul issue, a relationship issue …. anything at all! And more than calling out to Him ourselves … we need to be committed to crying out to Him for one another. Pray for all people and especially those who are of the household of faith in Him. He is all powerful! He demands the loyalty and love of those who name Christ as Lord AND he does not want us to forget that He is holding in His hands all pleasure and calamity that may befall us. We must have a right view of our God in order to serve Him rightly.

Father, You are an awe inspiring, serious God. You are most important and, in our weak minds we even see you as dangerous because of Your great power. Remind us that there is a reason that we are to come before You with fear and trembling. You can bless us, or You can bring calamity upon us. Whether through punishment or testing because of Your sovereign will. Help us to know You! Help us to understand all that You are. We are lost, God. We have made You what You are not! Forgive us!

Great Is The Lord …

“Great Is The Lord And Greatly To Be Praised, The Lord God Will See You Through!! Be Encouraged!! Lift Up Your Head, Don’t Be Afraid, Because The Lord God Will See You Through! He’ll Supply All Your Need! He’ll Supply All Of Your Need, According To His Riches In Glory, The Lord God Will See You Through!!!” This is a Glenn Burleigh favorite song and I’m singing this today with true praise in my heart!!!!! Thank You Lord!!

One year ago today (October 15, 2018 @ 10:30am) the neurosurgeon went in there and removed my left amygdala and a part of my left temporal lobe. We were told that there would be an 18 month wait before I’d be able to re-enter life fully. But GOD!!!

Today, on my one year surgery anniversary, I’m back at it!!! In Asia now working on a partnership regarding Asians in Africa; in West Africa visiting our current teams; and, in Tunesia with another conference about broadening our work in Africa. In addition to being back at my job (Africa Global Director) fully … I’m also in the middle of an MBA program; I’m fully engaged in my roles in MANI and Crossover Bible Fellowship FD2F. Nobody But GOD!!

I know that who I am now is a little different. I know that much of my memory is no longer with me. I know that faces and names don’t always match. I know that my memory is not healthy yet – can’t remember much. I know that my oral communication is a little lower than before. I know that no filter makes people uncomfortable sometimes. I know that I cry easier and more often. But ….

I’m rejoicing that my love for The Father, my love for The Son, my dependence upon The Holy Spirit are stronger than before. I’m rejoicing that my love and sincere trust in my husband, the amazing Lloyd S Chinn, is deeper than before. I’m rejoicing at the love and care for me I saw in the hands and hearts of my sons, Joseph Timothy and Jeremy Titus. Family and friends that blew me away with love, service, kindness at that time AND are continuing to walk me through the changes! I am just overjoyed that my heart, mind and hands in the global missions work have become even more deep and passionate.

I’m alive y’all!! I AM ALIVE!! Not just physically alive, but mentally alive. Not just mentally and physically alive, but spiritually alive!!! He has seen me through! He continues to see me through!!

Father, my strength and my courage have never failed because I knew that You would not leave me nor forsake me! I never once thought of You like anyone in the flesh who promises things that they cannot carry out. I knew, with no doubt, that when I pleaded to you for healing, it would be done in Your way! Hallelujah! My heart has never left You! I have desired to please You and to bring You glory every step of the way … so, thank You for using me! Thank you for leading medical professionals to Christ through all of this! Thank you for opening eyes to see Your amazing grace and power through all of this! I just cannot thank you enough!!!! Gratefulness is flowing from my heart!!!!!!

“Be encouraged … lift up your head. Be encouraged … don’t be afraid. Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised! The Lord God will see you through. He’ll supply all your need. He’ll supply all of your need. According to His riches in glory, The Lord, God will see you through!” — Minister Glenn E Burleigh

Don’t Be a Wise Old Fool!

So … I’ve known one of them, and I’m telling you .. Don’t Do It!!!!

There’s one who had everything!  A great and growing ministry; a lovely and Godly spouse; God fearing and devoted children; a great secular job that allowed he and his wife to still be in ministry; committed friends; etc. Even further, the wisdom that was poured out from this heart was a wisdom that many went to. Amazing counsel that was always spot on!  

About 30 years into marriage (that does not mean old – I’m at 26!) my friend decided to give in to his urges. He entered into a life of sin and degradation that destroyed the marriage; ended the ministry; and even took a tragic toll on personal health.  

This is now an elderly person. My friend is mostly alone and living without purpose.  It has made me so sad to think of all that that was and all of the great wisdom that came from this person. Heartbreaking to know that the end of this once beautiful and shining life has no shine at all!  

How foolish to be gifted with heavenly wisdom and understanding; and yet to squander it all on choices that go contrary to Our King. My friend ain’t the first!!

Having wisdom is not enough.  We have to be committed to the ways of the Lord.   We must commit ourselves always and in all things to love our God and King with all of our devotion; with complete communion; with all of our energy; and with all of our understanding.  And we must commit to love ourselves as He has loved us – and love the peoples of the world in the same way that we love ourselves.

Yes — in all your getting get wisdom; but never, never forsake your relationship with nor your devotion to the King of Kings.  He is ALL!