Full of Compassion

We are obligated to care for our neighbors … whether we know them or not!

Scripture answers the question about who our neighbor is in Luke 10. One who is near, or one with whom we have ome dealings This same passage reminds us of the compassion we should display and that we should not avoid inconvenience. We should help one another!

As I read the passage I cannot help but realize that my neighbors include every Pastor, leader or lay person that I have come in contact with. And further, I see this neighbor relationship far beyond material possessions that might be lost! This is also a picture of our responsibility to help those who are His lost! Y’all we are all His possession – His sheep!

If there are sheep in their folds that are wayward or struggling, We have an obligation to help them – and to present them to The One who has ‘lost’ them in a better state than we have found them. That is HEAVY! Are you following me?

We are not allowed to pass by them saying “O how sad!”. We are required to do something whether it is about material possessions or spiritual life.

Lord, Our God, please help us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Teach us how to be caring and compassionate – looking beyond any momentary inconvenience toward what You have commanded and required of us. Give us a heart like Yours so that we may love and serve As You Would!