Sincere Praise! .. Leads to Worship!

I was recently in a worship service – a church service – that had me in a place of worship to Him so real that I forgot where I was. I was with Him, near Him, could feel His presence. I had only experienced this a few times, to be honest, in a church service setting. I was thinking about how in that service, the praise to Him was sincere. No performance, no desire to be heard by the congregation … only led by hearts that just wanted to give God true praise. Well … don’t we all want to? Don’t we at least THINK its what we want?

I’ve learned for myself that when we human beings that believe and trust in God have experienced His hand in our lives … there is something in us that just wants to dance and scream and jump and just cry out our love for Him all of the time. And truthfully, there is not even one of us who has not experienced the amazing power of His hand in our lives. Just think about it … Have you been healed? Have your needs been met? Has he sent you a God committed spouse? Have you had children when doctors said no way? Have you understood completely your life purpose? Have you been given strength to endure difficult things? Have you been forgiven for much that you’ve engaged in? Praise Him!!!

Praise means that you thank Him and affirm that He is The One who has carried out all good in your life. Your praise should move you to worship Him. Worship is submission of yourself to Him. Worship is when you humility, surrender, adoration and reverence. Worship is what makes you bow before Him and give yourself to Him completely. Just Think About It!

I was reading Revelations and when I looked at chapter 4, it just gave a beautiful picture of what happens in glory. The heavenly creatures, who have never lived on this earth, praise Our God. And the praise of these creatures leads to worship in its highest form.

They worship The One who sits on the throne because He is both Holy and Worthy. For them, none of that is in question at all. The beauty and synchronicity is not coincidental as these heavenly beings bring before Him what He is due. The creatures are obviously beings that have not lived among men on earth. Their purpose from eternity past is to give glory, honor and thanksgiving. They live out their ONE purpose to praise Him!

Well, what’s our ONE purpose. I thought deeply about those who walk down here – among men – who have an understanding of God’s gracious lovingkindness toward His creation and are competent to worship. It should be that way here on earth.

The saying is that everyone with any knowledge can give Him praise. It doesn’t take any theological knowledge, we have daily experiential knowledge to understand that glory, honor and thanksgiving are due Him! Anyone who believes in God can do that! Even if we think about the beauty of our salvation from sin alone!!! (Don’t miss your shout cue!) But as those beings in Heaven do what is natural to them because eternity is in their hearts … it should move those of us with the knowledge of Him in our lives and in our hearts to a place of high worship. Oh Lord You Are Worthy!!

Father, as we judge the church, or brothers, for their shallow praise or what seems like a lesser praise to us – convict our hearts! For every “HALLELUJAH!!” we hear — move our heart to worship. For every “GOD IS GOOD!” we hear, please Lord – move our hearts to worship You. Because You are worthy, Our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and praise, for you created all things, and by Your will they were created and have their being. For You created each on of us …. Oh, Lord!! The praise, glory and honor that we are able to give will never be enough!!!! Help us Lord to praise You in real way

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  1. What a great, inspiring message to start my day with the Lord! I have this thought ingrained in my heart….”If you THINK God (not just for a quick “minute”), you will THANK God!” For all that He is…for WHO He is; and the sanctuary of your heart will become so enlarged with Him that you can’t help but worship Him and praise Him. The Kingdom of God is within the believer so we can worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, here, in earth as it is in Heaven! The more I THINK Him, the more I THANK Him! Hallelujah!!! Much praise and worship going on in THIS here sanctuary!!!

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