Full of Compassion

We are obligated to care for our neighbors … whether we know them or not!

Scripture answers the question about who our neighbor is in Luke 10. One who is near, or one with whom we have ome dealings This same passage reminds us of the compassion we should display and that we should not avoid inconvenience. We should help one another!

As I read the passage I cannot help but realize that my neighbors include every Pastor, leader or lay person that I have come in contact with. And further, I see this neighbor relationship far beyond material possessions that might be lost! This is also a picture of our responsibility to help those who are His lost! Y’all we are all His possession – His sheep!

If there are sheep in their folds that are wayward or struggling, We have an obligation to help them – and to present them to The One who has ‘lost’ them in a better state than we have found them. That is HEAVY! Are you following me?

We are not allowed to pass by them saying “O how sad!”. We are required to do something whether it is about material possessions or spiritual life.

Lord, Our God, please help us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Teach us how to be caring and compassionate – looking beyond any momentary inconvenience toward what You have commanded and required of us. Give us a heart like Yours so that we may love and serve As You Would!

Sincere Praise! .. Leads to Worship!

I was recently in a worship service – a church service – that had me in a place of worship to Him so real that I forgot where I was. I was with Him, near Him, could feel His presence. I had only experienced this a few times, to be honest, in a church service setting. I was thinking about how in that service, the praise to Him was sincere. No performance, no desire to be heard by the congregation … only led by hearts that just wanted to give God true praise. Well … don’t we all want to? Don’t we at least THINK its what we want?

I’ve learned for myself that when we human beings that believe and trust in God have experienced His hand in our lives … there is something in us that just wants to dance and scream and jump and just cry out our love for Him all of the time. And truthfully, there is not even one of us who has not experienced the amazing power of His hand in our lives. Just think about it … Have you been healed? Have your needs been met? Has he sent you a God committed spouse? Have you had children when doctors said no way? Have you understood completely your life purpose? Have you been given strength to endure difficult things? Have you been forgiven for much that you’ve engaged in? Praise Him!!!

Praise means that you thank Him and affirm that He is The One who has carried out all good in your life. Your praise should move you to worship Him. Worship is submission of yourself to Him. Worship is when you humility, surrender, adoration and reverence. Worship is what makes you bow before Him and give yourself to Him completely. Just Think About It!

I was reading Revelations and when I looked at chapter 4, it just gave a beautiful picture of what happens in glory. The heavenly creatures, who have never lived on this earth, praise Our God. And the praise of these creatures leads to worship in its highest form.

They worship The One who sits on the throne because He is both Holy and Worthy. For them, none of that is in question at all. The beauty and synchronicity is not coincidental as these heavenly beings bring before Him what He is due. The creatures are obviously beings that have not lived among men on earth. Their purpose from eternity past is to give glory, honor and thanksgiving. They live out their ONE purpose to praise Him!

Well, what’s our ONE purpose. I thought deeply about those who walk down here – among men – who have an understanding of God’s gracious lovingkindness toward His creation and are competent to worship. It should be that way here on earth.

The saying is that everyone with any knowledge can give Him praise. It doesn’t take any theological knowledge, we have daily experiential knowledge to understand that glory, honor and thanksgiving are due Him! Anyone who believes in God can do that! Even if we think about the beauty of our salvation from sin alone!!! (Don’t miss your shout cue!) But as those beings in Heaven do what is natural to them because eternity is in their hearts … it should move those of us with the knowledge of Him in our lives and in our hearts to a place of high worship. Oh Lord You Are Worthy!!

Father, as we judge the church, or brothers, for their shallow praise or what seems like a lesser praise to us – convict our hearts! For every “HALLELUJAH!!” we hear — move our heart to worship. For every “GOD IS GOOD!” we hear, please Lord – move our hearts to worship You. Because You are worthy, Our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and praise, for you created all things, and by Your will they were created and have their being. For You created each on of us …. Oh, Lord!! The praise, glory and honor that we are able to give will never be enough!!!! Help us Lord to praise You in real way

Steadfast Boldness

Because we are surrounded in this earthly realm with those who don’t really believe, we can be lulled into a sense of complacency. Thinking that it doesn’t matter what people believe AND thinking that it is not our business to ‘push Christ on them’.

BUT … if we believe – REALLY BELIEVE – that Christ is who He says He is; that He died and was raised to the end that our victory has been secured; then we must also know that there is no more worthy thing we can do accept work fervently, passionately and at full throttle for His Kingdom.

However, if we have merely accepted the idea of His resurrection and have not let it become a heart belief – then it is all – ALL OF IT – in vain!!! If you really believe in the power of His resurrection, then don’t waver; don’t be discouraged; and, work passionately for the Kingdom of Our God and Father.

As believers, true believers, in The Lord Jesus Christ we have a beautiful and power gain that we could not ever deserve without Him. Because of the beautiful sacrifice of His live, we can never do too much or go through too much to repay Him. Serve Him now because you have a guarantee that You will see Him for eternity. Suffer for the sake of His glory, because you will reign with Him in heaven. Even if you die for Him, you too will rise again one day and be crowned with glory, honor and immorality. His promise to us is everlasting life.

Father, help us to go hard after the things that build your Kingdom. Help us to love so that people are drawn to You. Help us to be bold about the only truth! Help us to remember at what price You secured us for Your own purposes. And please Lord, let us not be weary in well doing!

We Are Not Ashamed
AndraƩ Crouch
We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is God’s power of salvation. To everyone that believes it, to everyone that receives it, we shall have everlasting life!
God’s word – His word is healing for every nation.
His word – God’s word is power unto salvation.
God’s word – God’s word came all the way from glory.
It set the captives free, made the blind to see.
We are not ashamed, we are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for we have everlasting life

Temptation … You Can Defeat It!

Hey there, I pray that you are doing well today. What has your last week been like? What word from the Lord have you received? What word from the Lord do you need? The Lord is so kind and faithful! He’ll speak to you always; sometimes telling you what you need to hear for your own life, sometimes telling you things that you must share with someone else. Take time daily to hear from Him.

Today’s world can be a serious weight for Christian people. The sins that we each try to avoid are becoming the accepted things in the world; as a matter of fact, some of them are not just accepted but considered the norm. Quite difficult to avoid things that tempt us, when these things are considered normal and are available all around us. There are many that are available now – more than I would have ever imagined!

There is a friend so dear to me, this bro loves women! He has been married too many times and has never been able to be faithful. He says he’s trying, and he asks me often to pray for him because He feels weak. Recently, he finally went to his church leadership and made the confession and asked for help. For the first time in many years, he learned to build borders to build himself up. His current wife has decided not to walk away and tells me that his strength is growing! Hallelujah.

I’ve had conversations with people who want to blame the enemy for every difficulty, actually giving the enemy credit for things they are facing and … they place great doubt on God’s power … saying that they must beat the enemy down themselves. Really!!! The temptation to destroy the enemy, when Our Lord Himself is the one who can/will give victory.

Think about it … temptations to doubt God’s power; temptations to exalt ourselves; temptations to satisfy sexual desires; temptations to hurt others; temptations to quit; temptation to separate from other believers; and so many more. So Many More!!

When we know we have a problem, we must avoid being tempted! Placing ourselves in situations that open the door for temptations to come on in means that we are putting ourselves in harms way.

A drunkard that has come to Christ should not hang out in bars; a sexual addict must avoid having untethered access to internet, a shopaholic must destroy credit cards ….. you’ve got to have the wisdom to keep a barrier from the things that call you toward them. You can only have this wisdom if you Call Upon The Lord and give Him your mind and your heart completely.

We are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. The weakness of our flesh can be defeated if we stay away from the very appearance of evil! Stay away from the things that bring you into weakness!

When our own lusts or desires lead us to sinful thought or action, we must remove any power that the lost or desire has over us, we cannot feed any lust or temptation. We will never get there strongly without the Lord our God! And We Can Win when we depend completely upon Him

Father, teach us that our righteousness is not to be proven to man – only to you! Help us to see that we are not being brave when we step into situations that might cause us to stumble. Help us to understand that in order to stand, we must avoid those things that we know will tempt us. Help us Lord to move toward avoiding the very appearance of evil!