Full of Compassion

We are obligated to care for our neighbors ... whether we know them or not! Scripture answers the question about who our neighbor is in Luke 10. One who is near, or one with whom we have ome dealings This same passage reminds us of the compassion we should display and that we should not … Continue reading Full of Compassion

Steadfast Boldness

Because we are surrounded in this earthly realm with those who don't really believe, we can be lulled into a sense of complacency. Thinking that it doesn't matter what people believe AND thinking that it is not our business to 'push Christ on them'. BUT ... if we believe - REALLY BELIEVE - that Christ … Continue reading Steadfast Boldness

Temptation … You Can Defeat It!

Hey there, I pray that you are doing well today. What has your last week been like? What word from the Lord have you received? What word from the Lord do you need? The Lord is so kind and faithful! He'll speak to you always; sometimes telling you what you need to hear for your … Continue reading Temptation … You Can Defeat It!