It Starts With A Thought

So much murder in the last few weeks. Many of which, as the stories are told, are based on someone’s anger/hate toward another. The reasons are varied, but these horrible desires to take another person’s life is just … sad.

Murder is a sin. Murder starts with malice. It starts with a thought. The thoughts that lead to anger, the kind of anger that makes a person become murderous, is dangerous indeed. As believers, we’ve got to be diligent in regards to the command to live at peace with ALL men. When wronged in any way, we must be swift to forgive; so that no malicious thought will form!

To be hurt or disappointed is normal; in fact, I believe it happens in some way each and every day. But, we must practice the life of Christ – learn to take the hit and MOVE ON!

Humans will sin against one another – it is our nature as fallen beings. Being a fallen being means that we have been saved from the penalty of our sin, but not from ourselves. The temptation to kill comes from within ourselves. We should know this well because God’s Word commands us to put aside wickedness and filthiness. (Pastor Blake Wilson preached about what that fallen being is, click to hear it in a deeper way)

As believers in Christ, we have died to our old selves – that would so easily give in to sin. We have been resurrected to a new life in Christ, which makes it possible for us to forgive and to love.

Thoughts of malice alone can put us in danger of judgment! As children of God, our thoughts must become thoughts of The Truth! We must think about Him and all that He has equipped us to do and all that He has commanded us to do … to love one another, to forgive, to control our emotions. Acting in a way that reflects Our Savior will start with a proper thought

Please Father, change our thoughts! Though we will be wronged and disappointed often in this earthly realm, help us keep our focus always on the Cross. Please Lord, help us … remind us … that our own sin was a slap in the face to Christ – yet He has taken the hit and chosen to love us in spite of ourselves. God, please place in us this same love for all people. Remove from us the need to be vindicated here on earth. Help us to forgive, knowing that You will pay to each of us our due reward and that vengeance belongs to You alone. Help us, O God to navigate well our relationships with those who deliberately do us harm; to the end that they too will come to know, love and serve You.