Devotee of You? or … Disciple of Christ?

Disciple making — that’s our great call.  The Great Commission.  But disciples of what? Disciples of whom?

Terrible things can happen when we are leading people. We earn their respect and devotion YET we fail to ensure that we are creating in their hearts a fear and admonition of the Lord.  Why? because we fail to ensure that they are disciples of Christ; we fail to ensure that their respect and devotion is aimed toward Him.

Our call from our Lord is clear – we are supposed to be teaching others what we ourselves have learned from sitting at the feet of the Savior so that they might follow those same teachings.  To put it plainly – our goal should be to raise up people who will follow the God we follow; who love the Christ that we love; and who lean in to the Spirit that we lean in to.  So no “mini-me” productions!

Here’s the rub:  If you raise up “YOU” devotees who are more committed to you than they are to The One to whom your allegiance belongs, their lives will be marked by some of your own bad decisions and careless actions.  You don’t want them to do as you have done — you want them to do better and accomplish even more for the Kingdom of our Father than you!  You want them to find their way and work out their salvation.  You want them to be imitators of The Perfect Example; not your limping leadership. (that alliteration is free!)

So — just remember  …  lead people in a way that they will live a life that pleases God and emulates the life of the firstborn among us, Jesus.  Let those who follow you be marked by The King of Kings — and not by your own failings.

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  1. Amen. We should want to lead those, whom we disciple to become imitators of the Christ in us and to be transformed into His image, not any old creature image that is supposed to be dead already! Great message, Sis!  Love you,Joy

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