I’m Still Missing My Daddy

I can not remember the day anyone died but my daddy. It was 9 years ago today. The memory of that phone call still makes me cry! But, the love that so many showed to me in amazing ways makes me rejoice!!!

Dad & Mom – 50th Anniversary nuptials

I still miss my daddy greatly! I was his Teetsie (well, I still am!!) Because of the father that he was … I have so many things to Thank God For!!!! My daddy was “a rock – He was the one that I ran to, cause’ when he said the words “I Love You” I knew that it was true. And even in the worst of storms, there was an anchor in my world, He was a man, A man of His Word.”

Father in Heaven, I thank you so much for reminding me that my dad is enjoying the heavenly blessings in the realms with Christ. Thank you for opening his mind and heart to you in real ways when he was with me. Thank you for giving my daddy courage and wisdom that I could see. Thank you for reminding me every day that You Are Truly My Father!!! That You will never leave me!! Thank you, Father!!!

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