It Starts With A Thought

So much murder in the last few weeks. Many of which, as the stories are told, are based on someone's anger/hate toward another. The reasons are varied, but these horrible desires to take another person's life is just ... sad. Murder is a sin. Murder starts with malice. It starts with a thought. The thoughts … Continue reading It Starts With A Thought

One Year Ago Today …

A bald head August 22, 2018. Preparing for brain surgery #1. This picture is one year ago today ... a bald head preparing for brain surgery #1. One Year Later I am here! I'm shouting to The Lord with great joy!! Entering his gates giving Him great THANKS!!! He is Good, Kind, Merciful, Faithful. I … Continue reading One Year Ago Today …

Devotee of You? or … Disciple of Christ?

Disciple making -- that's our great call.  The Great Commission.  But disciples of what? Disciples of whom? Terrible things can happen when we are leading people. We earn their respect and devotion YET we fail to ensure that we are creating in their hearts a fear and admonition of the Lord.  Why? because we fail … Continue reading Devotee of You? or … Disciple of Christ?

Bearing One Another’s Burdens

A good friend of mine made a very touching public statement about how we (Christ Followers) should bear one another’s burdens as the law of Christ demands. My friend was talking about our caring for one another is relates to physical, spiritual and emotional needs. He was saying that we should care enough about one … Continue reading Bearing One Another’s Burdens

I’m Still Missing My Daddy

I can not remember the day anyone died but my daddy. It was 9 years ago today. The memory of that phone call still makes me cry! But, the love that so many showed to me in amazing ways makes me rejoice!!! Dad & Mom - 50th Anniversary nuptials I still miss my daddy greatly! … Continue reading I’m Still Missing My Daddy