Know Him

Be careful not to allow your zeal for knowledge get in the way of your zeal for a relationship with the Savior. 

It is a good thing, an honorable thing to be a student of God’s word – but it is far more profitable to be a student of the Master Himself. Get to know Him – not just quoting scripture, spitting out historical facts, developing an understanding of the cultural implications of the Bible, showing off your Greek/Hebrew skills. But Get To Know Him! 

Spend time in quiet prayer and contemplation and allow Him to reveal His character to you. You might be amazed to find yourself looking more like our Lord, Christ. You might find that your life will become a beacon of hope for others. You might become love to somebody. Your light might blot out the darkness of another. Someone might know truth – just by knowing you. Get to Know Him!

“that I may know Him…”

Phhilippians 3: 10