Know Him

Be careful not to allow your zeal for knowledge get in the way of your zeal for a relationship with the Savior.  It is a good thing, an honorable thing to be a student of God's word - but it is far more profitable to be a student of the Master Himself. Get to know … Continue reading Know Him

Tainted Water …

Lloyd and I were driving by a village in Ghana once where there had recently drilled a water well for the local community. There were young local children fetching water from the well.  The children were pulling together on one rope to get their bucket out, and then came shock – horror!  They were fetching … Continue reading Tainted Water …

Safety, Provision, Protection

To God's servant, those whom He has chosen, there is no other assurance needed! God is near, watching, guiding , protecting. When we yield in obedience to God's will for our lives and allow Him to use us to impact the world for His glory, there is no doubt that He will be with us. … Continue reading Safety, Provision, Protection

Bridle My Tongue!

It can be such a strong temptation to say things about our personal faith that makes us 'look' like more than we really are. Telling friends that we pray for them every day. Saying that we seek God's leading for every decision. Implying that we are trusting The Lord to meet every need. Telling friends … Continue reading Bridle My Tongue!

The lost AND our ‘siblings’ in Christ … what’s the deal?

The pastor of our church is doing a series about The Perfect Church ... it is a powerful series and has my mind on a lot of things .... There are many among the Christians around us that are enjoying the fellowship and even the good name that come with being affiliated with Christ. There … Continue reading The lost AND our ‘siblings’ in Christ … what’s the deal?