Something to ‘Shout’ about

Life brings with it issues, troubles, pain … things that non of us desire to come our way. This is a strong truth. But, as children of the Most High God we have before us a victory that can never be anything but VICTORY! We know that we are loved unconditionally and eternally. We know we have been redeemed and have an eternal home in heaven. We know that we have been created by The Most High God. We know that our lives have purpose given to us by The Most High God. We know that He will fight for us. We know that even when we are weak or weary – we have power and strength from Him. We know that we are never left behind. We know that we are never abandoned. We know that His word is True. Hallelujah!!!! We truly have something to shout about.

We, as believers in Christ and as Children of God, must be sure to share te news about our beautiful gifts and promises with everybody. We need to share them with our Sisters & Brothers in Christ to ensure that they are encouraged and not dismayed. We need to share this with the lost all around us so that they will know, without any doubt that choosing to follow God – choosing to accept Christ … is a path to victory and peace.

We ought to be telling the truths of God in ways that spread the truths of God’s power! Everyone around us, that hears us talk and watches us live, should see and hear the worship of Our Father. Preaching the gospel to every nation brings a hope that only comes from God!! We should be telling the entire world to believe in Jesus Christ, the redeemer. We should be telling the whole world to believe and trust in God, the One who never leaves nor forsakes His people!

In the church I grew up in, when they said ‘Something to shout about’ they meant that we should dance in celebration before God in the way that David did in 2 Samuel. Worshipping God. Thanking God. Celebrating Victory. Physically reacting to the beauty, the peace, and the joy of being Children of God. So, I’m telling you for sure that we have something to shout about and we need to spread the message to the entire world!