In the Midst of Trouble – My Heart Will Rejoice!

What is the most difficult thing you’re facing in your life right now? Are you facing:

  • Career disappointment?
  • Not reaching some goal?
  • Criticism from someone?
  • Debt?
  • Credit Score?
  • Lack of Money?
  • Health Issue?
  • Troubled Romantic Relationship?
  • Troubled Friendship?
  • Not Understanding Your Purpose? Your Calling?
  • Stress?
  • Fear?

In this life there are so many things that can make us feel covered and weighed down! It’s true for every one of us. There are times that we can feel burdened in such a way that in our prayers to God, we really are not sure that He will work it out. This is true for every one of us.

I want to encourage you to remember that His love for us is real. There are times when the solving of a problem take so long that we just don’t know what is going on! There are difficulties that make us believe that Our God has just walked away from us – even if just for a moment. But He Never Leaves Nor Forsakes Us!

We are human. We will sometimes feel uneasy. We will sometimes have fear. We might be stressed out. We might be sorrowful. The problems can bring us to fatigue, irritation and even distress. It is normalthere is nothing about you that makes you crazy!

The wonderful thing is that Our God is there and He would rather us lay our fear on Him no matter how you need to say it. I’m telling you that when you just say to God, “Father, I feel like you’ve left me?” or “Father, I am afraid of this issue and don’t see a solution!” He will speak to your heart. All you have to do is go to him honestly and lay it all at His feet. When you do this, your heart will remember the relationship that you have with Him as His child; as His workmanship; as His masterpiece! And your mind will calm down and return to trust.

There is an amazing power in your faith, in the power of your prayer! There is a joy and peace in drawing nearer to God in times like these that you would not find in any other way. I’m telling you, when you bring these issues to the throne of Our Father, where grace is constantly and leave them there, your heart will not continue in sadness and despair. No! You will have joy and comfort .. pleasure and peace!

His mercies are new every morning and those mercies hold your face in a place of reality. Faith in His mercy makes you remember your salvation from darkness and from difficulties. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Just think about it for a moment … When you think about the amazing things that God has done for you in the past, you will begin to praise Him and rejoice – and suddenly the fear and doubt will die. He has done great things, bless His holy name!

Don’t feel like a weak believer when you have to face such feelings. Just remember, those who love and trust Him always – those who He has called into His service, are human. The only way to fight your fear is to cry out in a real way to The One who can do something about it all. Hallelujah!!