Something to ‘Shout’ about

Life brings with it issues, troubles, pain ... things that non of us desire to come our way. This is a strong truth. But, as children of the Most High God we have before us a victory that can never be anything but VICTORY! We know that we are loved unconditionally and eternally. We know … Continue reading Something to ‘Shout’ about

It’s Official – The TRUE end of the Journey

Oh!! Magnify the Lord with me!!! I'm writing this FINAL update on orders from the person that has walked with me strongly (I love you my sister!) Yesterday, I went in to my neurologist for my followup. Let's just take a little walk down the road: October 15th - Neurosurgery. Removal of my left amygdala … Continue reading It’s Official – The TRUE end of the Journey

The Lord has given you Victory

Working in the world of ministry, I thought that everyone would love and support one another. I came from another life into ministry and just thought it would be completely different. Well ... it is not always that way. I praise God that I have not experienced much battle against us, but there has been … Continue reading The Lord has given you Victory

In the Midst of Trouble – My Heart Will Rejoice!

What is the most difficult thing you're facing in your life right now? Are you facing: Career disappointment?Not reaching some goal?Criticism from someone?Debt?Credit Score?Lack of Money?Health Issue?Troubled Romantic Relationship?Troubled Friendship?Not Understanding Your Purpose? Your Calling?Stress?Fear? In this life there are so many things that can make us feel covered and weighed down! It's true for … Continue reading In the Midst of Trouble – My Heart Will Rejoice!