Something to ‘Shout’ about

Life brings with it issues, troubles, pain … things that non of us desire to come our way. This is a strong truth. But, as children of the Most High God we have before us a victory that can never be anything but VICTORY! We know that we are loved unconditionally and eternally. We know we have been redeemed and have an eternal home in heaven. We know that we have been created by The Most High God. We know that our lives have purpose given to us by The Most High God. We know that He will fight for us. We know that even when we are weak or weary – we have power and strength from Him. We know that we are never left behind. We know that we are never abandoned. We know that His word is True. Hallelujah!!!! We truly have something to shout about.

We, as believers in Christ and as Children of God, must be sure to share te news about our beautiful gifts and promises with everybody. We need to share them with our Sisters & Brothers in Christ to ensure that they are encouraged and not dismayed. We need to share this with the lost all around us so that they will know, without any doubt that choosing to follow God – choosing to accept Christ … is a path to victory and peace.

We ought to be telling the truths of God in ways that spread the truths of God’s power! Everyone around us, that hears us talk and watches us live, should see and hear the worship of Our Father. Preaching the gospel to every nation brings a hope that only comes from God!! We should be telling the entire world to believe in Jesus Christ, the redeemer. We should be telling the whole world to believe and trust in God, the One who never leaves nor forsakes His people!

In the church I grew up in, when they said ‘Something to shout about’ they meant that we should dance in celebration before God in the way that David did in 2 Samuel. Worshipping God. Thanking God. Celebrating Victory. Physically reacting to the beauty, the peace, and the joy of being Children of God. So, I’m telling you for sure that we have something to shout about and we need to spread the message to the entire world!

My dad …

Clarence Lee Batties

Really missing my dad today. Actually … every Father’s Day just makes me think of him.

I often think of my wedding day. My dad chosen my husband, Lloyd S. Chinn. Daddy was clear to me that he knew that Lloyd was the man for me; he knew that this guy was his son in law. On my wedding day, however, he could not walk me down the aisle. Daddy had his tux on and everything! He came to the room where I was getting dressed, and he told me he just couldn’t bear to do it. I asked him why, and he said that even though he loved Lloyd like his own son, he could not give me to another man. It was too emotional for him. So my handsome nephew, Jacil Batties, stepped in. Jacil walked me down so that I was standing shoulder to shoulder with my dad as he stood at the pew where he was seated.  When they asked who gave me away my dad looked directly at the preacher, Pastor Crawford W Kimble Sr., and said “her mother and I do”. He always treated Lloyd like his son – and never stopped treating me like his baby girl. I know he loved me through the day that he died. In fact, for all the days that he was alive – I knew he cherished me!

I dream of him sometimes.  I hear his laugh often.  I see his smile in my nephew, Jonathan, and in my baby boy, Jeremy.  My dad didn’t want his best for me; he wanted God’s best for me.  Daddy loved me through my obstinate years and never brought the past up to punish or shame me.  Daddy was a great life guide.  He was a great listener.  He had great big hands that I believed could handle most anything.  His love for me helped me to love and trust God.

Yes — I miss my dad today.

It’s Official – The TRUE end of the Journey

Oh!! Magnify the Lord with me!!! I’m writing this FINAL update on orders from the person that has walked with me strongly (I love you my sister!)

Yesterday, I went in to my neurologist for my followup. Let’s just take a little walk down the road:

  • October 15th – Neurosurgery. Removal of my left amygdala and a part of my left frontal lobe. The left amygdala is where emotional filters are; where emotional fear and anger live; and, ability to store memories and recall details. The left frontal lobe is involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, social & sexual behavior, and controlling language related movement
  • April 5th – Neurosurgeon followup. The results matched the recovery that is expected at 18 months after surgery!!! Excellent recovery that meant I never had to come see him again. Wohoo!! He found it so humorous and Jan-like that I flew to Africa just hours after my appointment!!
  • May 14th – Neuropsychologist followup. I had to take many tests that he says show normal deficiencies that I’m beating. The results matched the recovery that is expected at 18 months after surgery. He said my brilliant communication and memory are becoming like normal folk. 🙃😃 Oral communication and memory will need to be built, not a difficulty.
  • June 13th – Neurologist followup. The results matched the recovery that is expected 18 months after surgery!! My neurologist responded the same way. She said to me, “You know this is just unnatural. People don’t heal this fast.” She pointed up to heaven for the entire time she talked to me. And for the first time since I’ve met her, she embraced me. I’ll see her every 6 months as we reduce the amount of my meds.

So my recovery is official!!!!!!! And this recovery could only have been done by the Almighty God! Y’all, Joe took me to this appointment and we sang worship songs down the elevator, down the hallways, and all the way to the car!!!! Much to be grateful for!

The place where I’ve found the most strength through all of this is the strong truth in God’s Word that tells me that God is able. I’ve known from the beginning that God will heal us whether it is from illnesses we face OR from pain, sorrow, fear, doubt and so much more that an incurable illness may bring. I knew that I’d be healed either in the way I desired or in a way that was not what I desired; I knew that His will for my life would be carried out.

The new personality that I have and the new skills that I have are strongly effective in the places that He has called me to be; in the goals that He has called me to carry out. I’m grateful!! I’m different. I don’t remember everything. I have strengths that I’ve never had before. I have desires that I’ve never had before.

Walking through all of this, I knew that I had to be strong and courageous, believing that He would not leave me or forsake me. I knew that The Lord of Peace would give me peace. I knew that I did not need to be anxious about anything that I was facing, rather just lay all of my requests before God. I knew that I had nothing to fear because The Lord, Jesus Christ could heal me. I knew that in the middle of all of this trouble, He would deliver me because I’m His. I knew that He’d wipe my tears away – no matter what caused them. I knew that He would comfort me and guide me through any pain or suffering.

I’m grateful for this physical healing!! But, the healing from circumstances, disappointment, and emotional scars is what is causing me to praise Him in deeper ways. (I’m singing that with Donald Lawrence as I type this!)

From the rising of the sun, until the going down of the same, the name of The Lord God is to be praised. I’ll praise Him all of my days! Oh! Magnify The Lord with me! Let us exalt His Name together! Oh! Magnify the Lord with me! We will rejoice and be glad!

From the rising of the sun to its setting The name of the Lord is to be praised with awe-inspired reverence.

The Lord has given you Victory

Working in the world of ministry, I thought that everyone would love and support one another. I came from another life into ministry and just thought it would be completely different. Well … it is not always that way.

I praise God that I have not experienced much battle against us, but there has been some. God has taken control of every single one of them and we have seen victory. I know for sure that we are given victory because we are walking, serving, and living in the life that God has called us to.

Have you ever faced enemies fists right in your face? Their swords right in your back? Don’t be surprised by it. As a Child of The King, it is a reality that the enemy would like to bring you distress in the things that God has called you to do.

I have a dear friend that followed God’s calling and planted a church. The first thing that he and his family faced was criticism from people all around them. Criticism alone can destroy a reputation and bring and end to a ministry …. but God silenced those people. When this new pastor started hiring staff, some of those staff people decided that they were the true leaders of the church instead of him, and they brought some administrative destruction within the church. This kind of thing can bring an end to a ministry when money runs out of when all advertisements show terrible things … but God silenced these folk without the pastor doing anything at all on his own. Making this story short, this pastor talked to the Lord and only did things that God told him to do … letting his congregation know about attacks; letting the leadership team know about dangerous happenings so that they could decide with him what should be done. It was amazing to hear the story and see some of it and watch God destroy these people as they attacked the one that He had called to do this.

I’m telling you for sure that those who try to destroy you when you are following God’s will for you are not only entrapping themselves into false victories; they are ruining themselves! Many of them try to hide themselves from Our Father, but that is completely impossible. A stronghold of fabrication/falsehood puts them in God’s hand for strong and true judgment. What seems like a victory to them will surely bring them destruction.

As you walk in a way that God has told you to walk and face people that stand against you. Stand firm! Do what the Lord tells you to do to protect your calling, but never lose sight of the fact that He will give you a doorway to victory, even sometimes by your own hand.

‘But during the fight, the five kings ran away. They hid in a cave near Makkedah, but someone found them hiding in that cave. Joshua learned about this. He said, “Cover the entrance to the cave with large rocks. Put some men there to guard the cave. But don’t stay there yourselves. Continue chasing the enemy and attacking them from behind. Don’t let the enemy get back to their cities. The Lord your God has given you the victory over them.” So Joshua and the Israelites killed the enemy. But some of them were able to go to their cities that had tall walls around them and hide. These men were not killed. After the fighting, Joshua’s men came back to him at Makkedah. Not one of the people in that country was brave enough to say anything against the Israelites. ‘ Joshua 10: 16 – 21