I’m Home! It Was Great!

April 5th – I was outta here! Saturday, May 11th – I returned! The trip to Africa went well. It went even better than I expected.

My faith in Him just gets bigger and bigger. I am telling y’all that without faith in Him all of this would be impossible. I am telling y’all that this girl Lives By Faith!!

Six weeks away from home – and …

  • Not one seizure!!!
  • Very little vertigo!!
  • Memory loss that wasn’t interruptive.
  • Recognition of people was not perfect, but it went well.
  • Ability to minister to others was given by the Holy Spirit.

The testimony of His Power, His Presence, His Faithfulness, His Love, and His Grace & Mercy will be a part of who I am even more than it has been in the past!

I’m not sure what anyone reading this is facing. I’m not sure what is causing any person to doubt Our Father. I’m not sure what needs anyone has that they have not laid completely before Him. I’m not sure what level of self sufficiency has moved anyone into a place that does not show others that He is everything. But what I do know as that He is everything! He is worthy of all praise! He is worthy of all of our faith! He is worthy of all of our love! He Is Worthy!

I want to encourage you to give whatever you are facing to Him because whether it is health, finances, fears, desires, marriage, sin, thoughts, or more than any of these things … I am telling you that He loves His children and He loves to bless His children. If you’re facing anything, I believe that it is either for the Lord to direct/re-direct you; or it is to use your life to reflect His presence and power to others. It never works out our way, that is for sure! But it works out His way and His Way Is Best!!!

I have only two more appointments to give me full clearance into my normal life. I do appreciate a couple of you who have asked me to keep this journey going until those appointments pass.

God is good! I love Him! His love for me is greater than I’ll ever understand in this world!

Father, You are EVERYTHING!! You created it all! You are everywhere! You know everything! You are the Powerful One! You are The Sovereign Lord! You are worthy of all Praise! I give you Glory and Honor today for all that You are doing in my life, my health, and my heart. I give You all of the Praise for the Amazing work that You are doing in me! I confess that I have had fear, but I thank You for conquering it within me. I confess that I have had doubt, but I thank You for showing me the power of trust in You. Thank You, my God, for loving me so much! Thank You for standing with me every step of the way! Thank You for using my journey to bless so many of Your children. Father, please use me for the sake of Your glory. Father, please let this situation continue to be a testimony about who You are. Father, as you bring this to a place of healing, give me opportunities always to share what and Who You Are!! My love for you grows daily; My desire for You grows daily. Be with me; guide me and keep me. In the name of Jesus, and by the power of Your Holy Spirit I pray. Amen

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