Mother’s Day 2019

Happy Mother’s Day to me!!  Well, this is my 29th Mother’s Day — yes, I do count the time I was pregnant!! I was about 5 months pregnant on Mother’s Day 1990, the year that Joseph was born.

I’m a very grateful woman.  

God has blessed me with two of the most wonderful sons any mom could ask for.  I’ve loved them every since the doctor told me I was pregnant!  

My sons have brought me much joy and a deep love and they have, from day one, let me know without any question that I was their great mom. 

My sons have reminded me of all of the beauty of the world. When they were children, they would point out things in nature – both animals and plants! When they got to be a little older they would point out music and books that were beautiful inside and out. When they became adults they added showing me amazing things that people all over the world are doing to make the lives of others richer!

My sons have grown up year by year in amazing ways. Potty training themselves (LOL! this is true). Learning to feed themselves as young babies. Learning to walk with just a little help. Learning to read when younger than others.  It always has seemed to me that they wanted their mom to know they wanted to help out by doing some things on their own.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it did take a minute for their laundry to become their own!

My sons have walked through our family transitions with no complaints.  We moved away from our family when their dad attended Dallas Theological Seminary – they made new friends and other adjustments. We left the USA to serve as full time missionaries in Ghana – they learned language and culture, made friends, built family, and loved the food. We sent them to boarding school 4 countries away from us when we lived in Ghana – they thrived in their studies and learned a lot about who they were. And most recently we had to adjust our family a bit because I became so ill that it touched their lives in real ways — they just adjusted to being support for me and showed me a love that had grown beyond measure. 

My sons have always told me they were so grateful for everything.  As little ones both of them would hug me and say thank you almost every day. It has never ceased.  They’ve always told me thank you and they’ve always meant it.  

My sons tell me all of the time how blessed I am that God gave me them.  LOL! Yes indeed, they do like me to remember what a blessing I received from The Lord in those 40 weeks!! They intend to blow my mind with their love for me and they do it!  

These two fellas are the two most amazing 40 week blessings that any woman could ask for!!!  

I’m writing all of this just to say … for Mother’s Day 2019 that I, the woman who gave birth to Joseph Timothy and Jeremy Titus, truly rejoices!! (Proverbs 23: 25) I am praising The Lord that my sons listened to their mama teaching them the truth of the gospel and, because they walk in that truth, I could have no more joy than I have! (3 John 1:4)

This Mama, with two tremendous 40 weekers that make my heart smile, is So Very HAPPY!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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  1. I LOVE the name Titus! I told Marshall if we ever have another boy I want his name to be Titus. What a sweet tribute to your boys! I love raising boys! I’m glad your home! I can’t wait to see you!

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