His Name … Our Fortress

A recent experience had me at a combination of angry, disappointed and sad.

Have you ever seen the battle that a believer has to endure with other believers that think they are on a higher level than them? OK, let me make this a little more clear. Have you ever had a friend that is a new believer or an un-discipled person? Have you opened your mouth to compare them to you and let them know often that they need to live better … you know, to live like you?!?!

I recently experienced seeing this, and it broke my heart! I was listening to the insults and criticism of Christians in a family completely insult and criticize a man. I could see that he too was a Christian, but whatever these people knew about his life were giving them a strong way to make him feel even less loved. They weren’t doing it to correct or lead him, they were doing it to make themselves feel higher. He let them know he had been so attacked by them for a long time, but never supported or led by them. Y’all, I was praying for God’s comfort for this guy and I did not have permission or rights to step in, but I was so very sad!

Amazingly wonderful, though, was what happened next. He was finally able to jump in to the conversation. He let them know that he knew about his life mistakes, but that He had called upon the Lord for forgiveness and had walked away from much, even though they did not seem happy for His freedom at all. He believed in God and was calling on God daily. He also let them know that they were just asking him to be like them and not like The Lord. He told them that He only depended upon the name of the Lord, and He knows that when He calls on The Lord, he is safe and protected. He gave them an example of how he cries out to The Lord, and told them that He’s experienced being saved from everything, even the people that were criticizing him. He told them that The Lord’s provision helped him to forgive them and, in fact, not hold anything abuse or criticism against anyone. He wept a bit, but let them know again that everything that he needs is in God and not in them. Y’all, all of my sadness moved to joy!

Proverbs 18: 10

I don’t know what you’re facing but no matter what it is He will protect you! Our Father protects us from the enemy always. The enemy can be quite crafty; bringing to us division, criticism, fear, weakness, pain, sadness, weariness, pursuit and so much more. But Our Father protects us with His power, His mercy, His grace, His love, His kindness, His healing, His presence and so much more! All that He is is enough to sustain His people. Our Father is insurmountable and indestructible.

Call on His name! He is sufficient for you, His child! As a believer your life devotion is to Him; you can count on His protection and provision. Run In To His Name – You’ll be safe!

El Shaddai, I am crying out to you to comfort me and all of my sisters and brothers in You from so many things that the world is bringing upon us to attack us and put weight upon our faith. Adonai, we yield ourselves to Your word and Your will and know that you are our Lord and our Master. When we need to be provided for or cared for in any way, we know that You are Jehovah-Raah. When we are ill in any way, we know that You are Jehovah-Rapha. When sin rises up within us or upon us we know You are Jehovah Tsidkenu. We run in to You even now, Father, because we know that in You we are safe! You are our peace, our provision, our mercy, our grace. Your presence in our lives gives us more than we could ever ask or think! You cannot be defeated, so I thank You for covering us with Your presence and for filling us with Your Holy Spirit!