5 months!!! (and 4 days)

Y’all it has been 5 months since the surgery and I have not had one seizure!!!!!! Hallelujah! I’m so grateful! If I had 10,000 tongues they would not be nearly enough.

So, here’s what has happened –

I’ve driven … beyond the doctor’s rule! LOL! We had to go to Dallas and Lloyd had an eye issue, so I had to take over and I loved it. I can’t drive at night though, very difficult still for me to see curves. But I can drive during the day!

My vocabulary is getting better. I can have a basic conversation … well I can have any conversation, but when it gets more detailed or deep my vocabulary can be entertaining for the listener. My sons say that my go to phrase is “Blah. Blah. Blah.” when I can’t think of a word to say. LOL!

I’m cooking and cleaning at home which Lloyd and the boys are quite happy about. Jeremy was home for Valentine’s day and was very glad about how good his mama is doing; because he could eat what he liked!

Here’s what I’m dealing with:

  • My short term memory has not healed yet. I cannot remember some things but I try and I’m using the wise practice of writing things down and/or putting them in Evernote or something like that.
  • I’m having vertigo quite often, but it is not stopping me. I just have to stop when necessary and be really careful not to move too fast
  • The nerves on the left side of the face are regenerating which makes everything …. interesting. Feels funny; very difficult to explain
  • Faces and names are still a bit difficult. I’m remembering some without a problem, but there are some names or faces that I just am not able to pull up quickly

My most amazing and joyful blessing is that for the first time in one year I was able to return to my church choir!! I loved it! I couldn’t remember every single word of any song but I remembered every melody (which I still think is quite interesting) I think I was alright! Lloyd has been mentioning to me often that I hum or sing melodies perfectly even though the words don’t always come.

The seizures have ended! I believe it with all of my heart. And as for the rest of the recovery … I’m getting there, y’all! If you’ve never trusted the Lord like you should … get to it. I’m returning to our work in Africa very, very soon! God is so merciful!! Next surgical update is April … I know the neurosurgeon’s mind will be blown with what God is doing in me!

Oh, my Dear Lord, I give You thanks with all of my heart! I will continue to tell all who are around me of the amazing things you have done in me! The doctors said one year, but You had another plan! Oh! Bless Your Name!! I will continually devote myself to speaking to and listening to You, because all that you have for me to do in the world is the most amazing thing! I’m giving You thanks, because I know this healing is Your will for my life! I’ll sit at Your feet and listen with my whole heart! I’ll yield my will unto You so that You can use me!!!

Holding my brand new great-nephew, Bodhi James. Isn’t he absolutely adorable!

7 thoughts on “5 months!!! (and 4 days)

  1. Thank you Jesus! God is indeed a healer. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain what you have been going through; adding to your ministry. My God continue to heal and bless you so that you can continue to bless others.

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  2. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! This is absolutely wonderful news. Will continue to lift you up in prayer.

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  3. Over five months without a seizure … YAHOO! PTL! May those seizure-free days continue. Joining you in claiming and believing in complete healing. I appreciate your vulnerability in sharing this journey with us. Your praise and yieldedness to our Lord and Your trust in Him challenges and encourages my heart. Love and prayers.


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