Let the SON shine in …

If our eyes are open in awe and trust towards God, our lives will be exemplified by awe and trust. If, however, we live in distrust and greed, with those things will our lives be filled.

The eyes need light in order to function well. If we are careful to go through life with the attitude that we intend to see God in all things; to marvel at the beauty of creation; taking note of the miraculous; seeing His best for us EVEN in difficult circumstances, then our lives will be filled with the joy of The Lord! If we choose to doubt both God and people; always look to protect ourselves from harm; always look to keep our interest first as if God will not provide; holding back the love, wonder and grace of God from the world … then our own lives will be marked by sadness, loneliness, and we will be known to as both greedy and distrustful. CHOOSE!!!

Jan with Barbara Lewis

My dearest friend, Barbara J. Lewis, was fighting cancer. I came home from Ghana during that time to see her and was talking to her to encourage her battle, but as we talked, I was the one getting encouraged! This sister knows with no doubt at all that the Lord has her battle and that she has been put in this place to show off His glory whether she lives to shout about healing or whether she dies to leave everyone the picture of a battler with no fear at all! She passed away, and though I still miss her, my faith in The Lord grew greatly because of how she walked in faith. Her Walk Strengthened Mine!! Are you hearing me!?!?

When I was a teenager, our church choir used to sing a song that said, “He is the light, the light of the world, He sits on a hill and cannot be hid. He is the light for all men to see. I want to let men see Jesus in me. So help me?!? Will you? Won’t you? Why don’t you come on, let’s life up the Christ!” Do you remember the song that many of us heard or sang as kids – Open Up Your Heart And Let the Sun Shine In?

We’ve got to reflect Him in every single way, y’all! If He is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Him. That means our lives, our words, our actions … we, as children of God should be lifting Him up. Our lives should be the light of the world – not the darkness in people who are in contact with us.

What if our lives send people into darkness? What if our lives do not give Him glory; lift His faithfulness; show His joy; bring other people an attraction to The Real Light? I’m just sayin’!

Father, again I ask that You would help me and teach me to keep my eyes on You. Spiritually and physically help me to see Your good in every situation and in the people that You created to inhabit this earth. I confess that I have seen only the worst in situations and in people and I repent now of trusting more in the natural than in You. May Your light be the light of my soul! Father, illuminate within me Your awesome power, Your love and Your grace. Use me to shine as a light in darkness to the world! Open my eyes in awestruck wonder! Amen