There is room on the mission field for you too!

Lloyd and Jan Chinn

Thank you for reading my blog during National Black History Month. I highlighted just a few of my heroes. I have heard of more and have even met some that will be highlighted soon. I do pray that as you’ve seen these people, your own call to missions has become real and strong!

Here’s my story:

Lloyd and Jan Chinn are native to Texas. Lloyd from Edna, TX and Jan from Houston, TX. The Chinns met, married and their careers were rising when Lloyd sensed the Lord’s leading into ministry. In 1998, the Chinns moved to Dallas and Lloyd attended Dallas Theological Seminary with a plan to return to their home church in Houston to engage in faith based community economic development.

In 1999, Lloyd was invited to Ghana on his first short term mission trip – he knew his call was missions then. The next year Lloyd took Jan and their children to Ghana, they returned twice and Jan committed to her calling then. Their passion was leadership development. Lloyd graduated from DTS in 2002 with his ThM – Educational Leadership. The Chinns were appointed by WorldVenture in 2002. They served in Ghana from 2004 to 2014 doing Pastoral and Church Leader Development, Women’s Empowerment, and Community Development. In Ghana the Lord used them and built a Leadership Development Center, a Short Term Missions house (where they lived); and a Poultry Farm. In 2014 their mission agency, WorldVenture, appointed them as the International Ministries Leaders for Africa.

  • A major joy for the Chinns has been that African American churches supported them to ensure they were on their way
  • Lloyd and Jan are the 2nd African American couple appointed by WorldVenture
  • Lloyd and Jan are the 1st African American couple to serve as International Ministries Leaders for Africa.

Lloyd’s firm message to the African American church is:

“Pray! Pay! or Pack!”

Are you sensing your call to become a missionary? Check it out!!

Grover and Sharon Cooper – South Africa, USA; In Service Now

Grover and Sharon Cooper serve with Cru.

Sharon began serving Campus Crusade for Christ in 1983 at The Ohio State University. She served their one year. She moved to the CCC work at Jackson State University, where Grover was the lead. Grover and Sharon met there and married in May 1987. They served at JSU together until 1991. They moved to Dallas in 1991 for an education at Dallas Theological Seminary; Grover graduated from DTS in 1995. They moved to Houston after the graduation to raise financial support for their work in South Africa.

In 1996 Sharon gave birth to their third child and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage about 10 days after the birth. Sharon received marvelous health care in Houston, where she recovered in wonderful ways! Thank God! This delayed their desired move to South Africa, but did not cancel the work that was in front of them.

In 2000 they moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where Grover served as Campus Director at The University of Witwatersrand until May 1, 2006. From 2006 – 2007 they served on the CCC Lake Hart Stint, a one year development program & they also worked with The Impact Movement, serving with Staff Development and Staff Care. Currently,

Grover serves as National Alumni Development Director and Fund Development Director. Grover and Sharon serve in supportive roles with the National Campus Ministry and in Impact National and Global Missions, using their years of experience to help develop the staff who lead campus movements around the country and in Africa.

And now I’m driving!

So … now that you know that the first seizure happened 2 years ago, you should rejoice with me that I drove for the first time in 2 years!! The neurologist has asked me to avoid freeways, and has not yet given me the clearance to drive alone … but has given me permission to drive locally. My first drive was to visit with my mom, of course.

It still amazes me how all of us can expect minimal things from God because our brains just cannot bring forward all that He is able to do.

I know that each of God’s children are aware of His power and faithfulness, but it is not a natural action to understand that He will go beyond what we could ever understand.

The doctors have said that it would take me a year to drive – yet here I am!! OK, reality is that Lloyd won’t let me drive much alone yet – but I’m happy for the healing and improvement.

For me, the verse I kept in my heart has been Philippians 4:13 which tells me that no matter what anyone says about my abilities, I can do everything through the power of my Savior. This particular verse is clear that I can bear the things that I’ll have to face and overcome then AND I can face the things that I must do and He will give me strength.

Rejoice with me y’all. Two years with the best chauffeurs that anyone could ever ask for (Lloyd, Joe and Jeremy), but a beautiful blessing to be able to DRIVE!

Father, it is not a joke to me at all that Your strength is my everything! Every moment that I have grown weary or even fearful, You have never left me alone! Praise Your Name because You are Worthy! Father, you are absolutely everything to me and for the rest of my life, I will give you glory. 10,000 tongues would just not be nearly enough. Gratefulness is flowing from me, Oh Lord. Yes, I give thanks to you, Father. I exalt You, my Father because you are GOOD and Your love is always with me! (Philippians 4:13, Isaiah 40:29, Psalm 119: 28, 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10; Psalm 118: 28, 29)