730 days …

Sometimes things cross your mind .. and then your serious, passionate, loud, unstoppable THANK YOU LORD begins … again!! For His goodness and His mercy toward me, I Offer Praise!

The first grand-mal seizure I ever had was 730 days (2 years) ago. That seizure is when this journey began …

Lloyd and I had spent one week in Denver with our team; flown to New York to help Jeremy move there for his internship & a ministry event; and finally, returned from New York to Denver. We rented a car, which I drove as usual, and were on our way to the home of dear friends, Mark & Priscilla. We talked about what the coming days would cover and were preparing ourselves for what we needed to pray about. Suddenly, Lloyd says, I stopped speaking. When Lloyd looked over I was stiff, shaking, and unconscious behind the wheel of the car on E470 driving 75MPH. Lloyd pulled himself together, got control of the wheel of the car which kept us from crashing in a terrible way. Into an exit sign we went … which I never knew until Lloyd told me much later.

This is the last photo of me that was taken just weeks before that car accident.

Much more to the story … but … 730 days ago THIS journey began!!

El Elyon! El Shaddai! Adonai! Yahweh! Jehovah Shammah! El Olam! Elohim! If this girl had 10,000 tongues I just would not be able to thank You enough!! Lloyd wouldn’t be able to thank You enough! My sons nor my daughter would not be able to thank You enough! My mother, sisters, and family would not be able to thank You enough! My dear friends, especially the ones who met us at that hospital, would not be able to thank Our God ENOUGH!!

All I’ve had on my mind since that first seizure is that I had to be able to carry out the work I had been called to. I never had the passion for anything other than to be His servant. I never wanted anything more than to speak His word to the lost and to encourage His children with the truths that He speaks that can change lives. I just want to serve The Lord that I love! And here I am …. here I am STILL!

730 days ago … But I’m still here! I’m still in service to The Most High God! Hallelujah!!!

AND …. in case you’ve forgotten … Surgery on October 14, 2018 and not one more seizure in 90 days!! Thank You Lord!! Thank You Lord!!

I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul will make its boast in the Lord ; The humble will hear it and rejoice. O magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together.

Psalms 34:1-3

11 thoughts on “730 days …

  1. Thank God you Made it through this illness. Thank you Lord for your healing power. Thank you for your consistent love and faith!
    May God continue you to bless you through your journey in this life.

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  2. Glory and Praises to our God Almighty for all His Blessings upon you my sister! So…. Thankful, you and your family are still going strong to do God’s work!


  3. Praises to our amazing God!! Yes, we thank Him for all He has done and is doing in you and through you on this journey! I love you, Friend, and am grateful for the chance to serve Him together on our team. All glory to our Living, Loving Heavenly Father!


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